Book 5 >> HYMN 50 - Visvedevas

विश्वो देवस्य नेतुर मर्तो वुरीत सख्यम |
विश्वो राय इषुध्यति दयुम्नं वर्णीत पुष्यसे
English:- . LET every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding God.
Each one solicits him for wealth and seeks renown to prosper him.

ते ते देव नेतर ये चेमां अनुशसे |
ते राया ते हय रप्र्चे सचेमहि सचथ्यः
English:- These, leading God, are thine, and these here ready to speak after us.
As such may we attain to wealth and wait with services on thee.

अतो न आ नञ्न अतिथीन अतः पत्नीर दशस्यत |
आरे विश्वम पथेष्ठां दविषो युयोतु यूयुविः
English:- So further honour as our guests the Hero Gods and then the Dames.
May he remove and keep afar our foes and all who block our path.

यत्र वह्निर अभिहितो दुद्रवद दरोण्यः पशुः |
नर्मणा वीरपस्त्यो ऽरणा धीरेव सनिता
English:- Where fire is set, and swiftly runs the victim dwelling in the trough,
He wins, with heroes in his home, friendly to man, like constant streams.

एष ते देव नेता रथस्पतिः शं रयिः |
शं राये शं सवस्तय इषस्तुतो मनामहे देवस्तुतो मनामहे
English:- May these thy riches, Leader God! that rule the car, be blest to us,
Yea, blest to us for wealth and weal. This will we ponder praising strength, this ponder as we praise the God.