Book 5 >> HYMN 66 - Mitra-Varuna

आ चिकितान सुक्रतू देवौ मर्त रिशादसा |
वरुणाय रतपेशसे दधीत परयसे महे
English:- . O SAPIENT man, call the Two Gods, the very wise, who slay the foe.
For Varuṇa, whose form is Law, place offerings for his great delight.

ता हि कषत्रम अविह्रुतं सम्यग असुर्यम आशाते |
अध वरतेव मानुषं सवर ण धायि दर्शतम
English:- For they have won unbroken sway in full perfection, power divine.
And, like high laws, the world of man hath been made beautiful as light.

ता वाम एषे रथानाम उर्वीं गव्यूतिम एषाम |
रातहव्यस्य सुष्टुतिं दध्र्क सतोमैर मनामहे
English:- Therefore we praise you that your cars may travel far in front of ours-
You who accept the eulogy of Ratahavya with his hymns.

अधा हि काव्या युवं दक्षस्य पूर्भिर अद्भुता |
नि केतुना जनानां चिकेथे पूतदक्षसा
English:- And ye show wMom, Wondrous Gods with fulness of intellIgence.
By men's discernment are Ve marked, O ye whose might is purified.

तद रतम पर्थिवि बर्हच छरवेष रषीणाम |
जरयसानाव अरम पर्थ्व अति कषरन्ति यामभिः
English:- This is the Law sublime, O Earth: to aid the Ṛṣis' toil for fame
The Two, wide-spreading, are prepared. They come with ample overflow.

आ यद वाम ईयचक्षसा मित्र वयं च सूरयः |
वयचिष्ठे बहुपाय्ये यतेमहि सवराज्ये
English:- Mitra, ye Gods with wandering eyes, would that the worshippers and we
Might strive to reach the realm ye rule, most spacious and protected well,