Book 6 >> HYMN 41 - Indra

अहेळमान उप याहि यज्ञं तुभ्यं पवन्त इन्दवः सुतासः |
गावो न वज्रिन सवमोको अछेन्द्रा गहि परथमो यज्ञियानाम
English:- . COME gracious to our sacrifice, O Indra: pressed Soma-drops are purified to please thee.
As cattle seek their home, so Thunderwielder, come, Indra, first of those who claim our worship.

या ते काकुत सुक्र्ता या वरिष्ठा यया शश्वत पिबसि मध्व ऊर्मिम |
तया पाहि पर ते अध्वर्युरस्थात सं ते वज्रोवर्ततामिन्द्र गव्युः
English:- With that well-formed most wide-extending palate, wherewith thou ever drinkest streams of sweetness,
Drink thou; the Adhvaryu standeth up before thee: let thy spoil-winning thunderbolt attend thee.

एष दरप्सो वर्षभो विश्वरूप इन्द्राय वर्ष्णे समकारि सोमः |
एतं पिब हरिव सथातरुग्र यस्येशिषे परदिवि यस्तेन्नम
English:- This drop, steer-strong and omniform, the Soma, hath been made ready for the Bull, for India.
Drink this, Lord of the Bays, thou Strong Supporter, this that is thine of old, thy food for ever.

सुतः सोमो असुतादिन्द्र वस्यानयं शरेयाञ्चिकितुषे रणाय |
एतं तितिर्व उप याहि यज्ञं तेन विश्वास्तविषीरा पर्णस्व
English:- Soma when pressed excels the unpressed Soma, better, for one who knows, to give him pleasure.
Come to this sacrifice of ours, O Victor replenish all thy powers with this libation.

हवयामसि तवेन्द्र याह्यर्वां अरं ते सोमस्तन्वे भवाति |
शतक्रतो मादयस्वा सुतेषु परास्मानव पर्तनासु पर विक्षु
English:- We call on thee, O Indra: come thou hither: sufficient be the Soma for thy body.
Rejoice thee, Śatakratu! in the juices guard us in wars, guard us among our people.