Book 7 >> HYMN 14 - Agni

समिधा जातवेदसे देवाय देवहूतिभिः |
हविर्भिः शुक्रशोचिषे नमस्विनो वयं दाशेमाग्नये
English:- . WITH reverence and with offered gifts serve we the God whose flame is bright:
Let us bring Jātavedas fuel, and adore Agni when we invoke the Gods.

वयं ते अग्ने समिधा विधेम वयं दाशेम सुष्टुती यजत्र |
वयं घर्तेनाध्वरस्य होतर्वयं देव हविषा भद्रशोचे
English:- Agni, may we perform thy rites with fuel, and honour thee, O Holy one, with praises:
Honour thee, Priest of sacrifice! with butter, thee, God of blessed light! with our oblation.

आ नो देवेभिरुप देवहूतिमग्ने याहि वषट्क्र्तिं जुषाणः |
तुभ्यं देवाय दाशतः सयाम यूयं पात ...
English:- Come, Agni, with the Gods to our invoking, come, pleased, to offerings sanctified with Vaṣaṭ.
May we be his who pays thee, God, due honour. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.