Book 7 >> HYMN 81 - Dawn

परत्यु अदर्श्यायत्युछन्ती दुहिता दिवः |
अपो महि वययति चक्षसे तमो जयोतिष कर्णोति सूनरी
English:- . ADVANCING, sending forth her rays, the Daughter of the Sky is seen.
Uncovering, that we may see, the mighty gloom, the friendly Lady makes the light.

उदुस्रियाः सर्जते सूर्यः सचानुद्यन नक्षत्रमर्चिवत |
तवेदुषो वयुषि सूर्यस्य च सं भक्तेन गमेमहि
English:- The Sun ascending, the refulgent Star, pours down his beams together with the Dawn.
O Dawn, at thine arising, and the Sun's, may we attain the share allotted us.

परति तवा दुहितर्दिव उषो जीरा अभुत्स्महि |
या वहसि पुरुस्पार्हं वनन्वति रत्नं न दाशुषे मयः
English:- Promptly we woke to welcome thee, O Uṣas, Daughter of the Sky,
Thee, Bounteous One, who bringest all we long to have, and to the offerer health and wealth.

उछन्ती या कर्णोषि मंहना महि परख्यै देवि सवर्द्र्शे |
तस्यास्ते रत्नभाज ईमहे वयं सयाम मातुर्न सूनवः
English:- Thou, dawning, workest fain to light the great world, yea, heaven, Goddess! that it may be seen.
We yearn to be thine own, Dealer of Wealth: may we be to this Mother like her sons.

तच्चित्रं राध आ भरोषो यद दीर्घश्रुत्तमम |
यत तेदिवो दुहितर्मर्तभोजनं तद रास्व भुनजामहै
English:- Bring us that wondrous bounty, Dawn, that shall be famed most far away.
What, Child of Heaven, thou hast of nourishment for man, bestow thou on us to enjoy.

शरवः सूरिभ्यो अम्र्तं वसुत्वनं वाजानस्मभ्यं गोमतः |
चोदयित्री मघोनः सून्र्तावत्युषा उछदप सरिधः
English:- Give to our princes opulence and immortal fame, and strength in herds of kine to us.
May she who prompts the wealthy, Lady of sweet strains, may Uṣas dawn our foes away.