Book 7 >> HYMN 86 - Varuna

धीरा तवस्य महिना जनूंषि वि यस्तस्तम्भ रोदसी चिदुर्वी |
पर नाकं रष्वं नुनुदे बर्हन्तं दविता नक्षत्रम्पप्रथच्च भूम
English:- . WISE, verily, are creatures through his greatness who stayed ever, spacious heaven and earth asunder;
Who urged the high and mighty sky to motion, the Star of old, and spread the earth before him.

उत सवया तन्वा सं वदे तत कदा नवन्तर्वरुणे भुवानि |
किं मे हव्यमह्र्णानो जुषेत कदा मर्ळीकं सुमना अभि खयम
English:- With mine own heart I commune on the question how Varuṇa and I may be united.
What gift of mine will he accept unangered? When may I calmly look and find him gracious?

पर्छे तदेनो वरुण दिद्र्क्षूपो एमि चिकितुषो विप्र्छम |
समानमिन मे कवयश्चिदाहुरयं ह तुभ्यं वरुणो हर्णीते
English:- Fain to know this is my sin I question others: I seek the wise, O Varuṇa, and ask them.
This one same answer even the sages gave me, "Surely this Varuṇa is angry with thee."

किमाग आस वरुण जयेष्ठं यत सतोतारं जिघांससि सखायम |
पर तन मे वोचो दूळभ सवधावो.अव तवानेना नमसा तुर इयाम
English:- What, Varuṇa, hath been my chief transgression, that thou wouldst slay the friend who sings thy praises?
Tell me, Unconquerable Lord, and quickly sinless will I approach thee with mine homage.

अव दरुग्धानि पित्र्या सर्जा नो.अव या वयं चक्र्मा तनूभिः |
अव राजन पशुत्र्पं न तायुं सर्जा वत्सं न दाम्नो वसिष्ठम
English:- Free us from sins committed by our fathers, from those wherein we have ourselves offended.
O King, loose, like a thief who feeds the cattle, as from the cord a calf, set free Vasiṣṭha.

न स सवो दक्षो वरुण धरुतिः सा सुरा मन्युर्विभीदकोचित्तिः |
अस्ति जयायान कनीयस उपारे सवप्नश्चनेदन्र्तस्य परयोता
English:- Not our own will betrayed us, but seduction, thoughtlessness, Varuṇa wine, dice, or anger.
The old is near to lead astray the younger: even sleep removeth not all evil-doing.

अरं दासो न मीळ्हुषे कराण्यहं देवाय भूर्णये.अनागाः |
अचेतयदचितो देवो अर्यो गर्त्सं राये कवितरो जुनाति
English:- Slavelike may I do service to the Bounteous, serve, free from sin, the God inclined to anger.
This gentle Lord gives wisdom to the simple: the wiser God leads on the wise to riches.

अयं सु तुभ्यं वरुण सवधावो हर्दि सतोम उपश्रितश्चिदस्तु |
शं नः कषेमे शमु योगे नो अस्तु यूयं पात ...
English:- O Lord, O Varuṇa, may this laudation come close to thee and lie within thy spirit.
May it be well with us in rest and labour. Preserve us ever-more, ye Gods, with blessings.