Book 9 >> HYMN 22 - Soma Pavamana

एते सोमास आशवो रथा इव पर वाजिनः |
सर्गाः सर्ष्टा अहेषत
English:- . THESE rapid Soma-streams have stirred themselves to motion like strong steeds,
Like cars, like armies hurried forth.

एते वाता इवोरवः पर्जन्यस्येव वर्ष्टयः |
अग्नेरिव भरमा वर्था
English:- Swift as wide winds they lightly move, like rain-storms of Parjanya, like
The flickering flames of burning fire.

एते पूता विपश्चितः सोमासो दध्याशिरः |
विपा वयानशुर्धियः
English:- These Soma juices, blent with curds, purified, skilled in sacred hymns,
Have gained by song their hearts'desire.

एते मर्ष्टा अमर्त्याः सस्र्वांसो न शश्रमुः |
इयक्षन्तः पथो रजः
English:- Immortal, cleansed, these drops, since first they flowed, have never wearied, fain
To reach the regions and their paths.

एते पर्ष्ठानि रोदसोर्विप्रयन्तो वयानशुः |
उतेदमुत्तमं रजः
English:- Advancing they have travelled o'er the ridges of the earth and heaven,
And this the highest realm of all.

तन्तुं तन्वानमुत्तममनु परवत आशत |
English:- Over the heights have they attained the highest thread that is spun out,
And this which must be deemed most high.

तवं सोम पणिभ्य आ वसु गव्यानि धारयः |
ततं तन्तुमचिक्रदः
English:- Thou, Soma, boldest wealth in kine which thou hast seized from niggard churls:
Thou calledst forth the outspun thread.