Book 9 >> HYMN 3 - Soma Pavamana

एष देवो अमर्त्यः पर्णवीरिव दीयति |
अभि दरोणान्यासदम
English:- . HERE present this Immortal God flies, like a bird upon her wings,
To settle in the vats of wood.

एष देवो विपा कर्तो.अति हवरांसि धावति |
पवमानो अदाभ्यः
English:- This God, made ready with the hymn, runs swiftly through the winding ways,
Inviolable as he flows.

एष देवो विपन्युभिः पवमान रतायुभिः |
हरिर्वाजाय मर्ज्यते
English:- This God while flowing is adorned, like a bay steed for war, by men
Devout and skilled in holy songs.

एष विश्वानि वार्या शूरो यन्निव सत्वभिः |
English:- He, like a warrior going forth with heroes, as he flows along
Is fain to win all precious boons.

एष देवो रथर्यति पवमानो दशस्यति |
आविष कर्णोति वग्वनुम
English:- This God, as he is flowing on, speeds like a car and gives his gifts:
He lets his voice be heard of all

एष विप्रैरभिष्टुतो.अपो देवो वि गाहते |
दधद रत्नानिदाशुषे
English:- Praised by the sacred bards, this God dives into waters, and bestows
Rich gifts upon the worshipper.

एष दिवं वि धावति तिरो रजांसि धारया |
English:- Away he rushes with his stream, across the regions, into heaven,
And roars as he is flowing on.

एष दिवं वयासरत तिरो रजाण्स्यस्प्र्तः |
पवमानः सवध्वरः
English:- While flowing, meet for sacrifice, he hath gone up to heaven across
The regions, irresistible.

एष परत्नेन जन्मना देवो देवेभ्यः सुतः |
हरिः पवित्रेर्षति
English:- After the 'way of ancient time, this God, pressed out for Deities,
Flows tawny to the straining-cloth.

एष उ सय पुरुव्रतो जज्ञानो जनयन्निषः |
धारया पवते सुतः
English:- This Lord of many Holy Laws, even at his birth engendering strength,
Effused, flows onward in a stream.