Book 9 >> HYMN 89 - Soma Pavamana

परो सय वह्निः पथ्याभिरस्यान दिवो न वर्ष्टिः पवमानोक्षाः |
सहस्रधारो असदन नयस्मे मातुरुपस्थे वन आच सोमः
English:- . THIS Chariot-horse hath moved along the pathways, and Pavamana flowed like rain from heaven.
With us hath Soma with a thousand currents sunk in the wood, upon his Mother's bosom.
2. King, he hath clothed him in the robe of rivers, mounted the straightest-going ship of Order.
Sped by the Hawk the drop hath waxed in waters: the father drains it, drains the Father's offspring.
3 They come to him, red, tawny, Lord of Heaven, the watchful Guardian of the meath, the Lion.
First, Hero in the fight, he seeks the cattle, and with his eye the Steer is our protector.
4 They harness to the broad-wheeled car the mighty Courser whose back bears meath, unwearied, awful.
The twins, the sisters brighten him, and strengthen-these children of one damethe vigorous Racer.
5 Four pouring out the holy oil attend him, sitting together in the same container.
To him they flow, when purified, with homage, and still, from every side, are first about him.
6 He is the buttress of the heavens, supporter of earth, and in his hand are all the people.
Be the team's Lord a well to thee the singer: cleansed is the sweet plant's stalk for deed of glory.
7 Fighting, uninjured come where Gods are feasted; Soma, as Vitra-slayer flow for Indra.
Vouchsafe us ample riches very splendid may we be masters of heroic vigour.

राजा सिन्धूनामवसिष्ट वास रतस्य नावमारुहद रजिष्ठाम |
अप्सु दरप्सो वाव्र्धे शयेनजूतो दुह ईं पिता दुह ईं पितुर्जाम

सिंहं नसन्त मध्वो अयासं हरिमरुषं दिवो अस्य पतिम |
शूरो युत्सु परथमः पर्छते गा अस्य चक्षसा परि पात्युक्षा

मधुप्र्ष्ठं घोरमयासमश्वं रथे युञ्जन्त्युरुचक्रर्ष्वम |
सवसार ईं जामयो मर्जयन्ति सनाभयो वाजिनमूर्जयन्ति

चतस्र ईं घर्तदुहः सचन्ते समाने अन्तर्धरुणे निषत्ताः |
ता ईमर्षन्ति नमसा पुनानास्ता ईं विश्वतः परि षन्ति पूर्वीः

विष्टम्भो दिवो धरुणः पर्थिव्या विश्वा उत कषितयो हस्ते अस्य |
असत त उत्सो गर्णते नियुत्वान मध्वो अंशुः पवतैन्द्रियाय

वन्वन्नवातो अभि देववीतिमिन्द्राय सोम वर्त्रहा पवस्व |
शग्धि महः पुरुश्चन्द्रस्य रायः सुवीर्यस्य पतयः सयाम