Book 9 >> HYMN 92 - Soma Pavamana

परि सुवानो हरिरंशुः पवित्रे रथो न सर्जि सनये हियानः |
आपच्छ्लोकमिन्द्रियं पूयमानः परति देवानजुषत परयोभिः
English:- . THE gold-hued juice, poured out upon the filter, is started like a car sent forth to conquer.
He hath gained song and vigour while they cleansed him, and hath rejoiced the Gods with entertainments.

अछा नर्चक्षा असरत पवित्रे नाम दधानः कविरस्य योनौ |
सीदन होतेव सदने चमूषूपेमग्मन्न्र्षयः सप्त विप्राः
English:- He who beholdeth man hath reached the filter: bearing his name, the Sage hath sought his dwelling.
The Ṛṣis came to him, seven holy singers, when in the bowls he settled as Invoker.

पर सुमेधा गातुविद विश्वदेवः सोमः पुनानः सद एति नित्यम |
भुवद विश्वेषु काव्येषु रन्तानु जनान यतते पञ्च धीरः
English:- Shared by all Gods, mobt wise, propitious, Soma goes, while they cleanse him, to his constant station.
Let him rejoice in all his lofty wisdom to the Five Tribes the Sage attains with labour.

तव तये सोम पवमान निण्ये विश्वे देवास्त्रय एकादशासः |
दश सवधाभिरधि सानो अव्ये मर्जन्ति तवा नद्यः सप्त यह्वीः
English:- In thy mysterious place, O Pavamana Soma, are all the Gods, the Thrice-Eleven.
Ten on the fleecy height, themselves, self-prompted, and seven fresh rivers, brighten and adorn thee.

तन नु सत्यं पवमानस्यास्तु यत्र विश्वे कारवः संनसन्त |
जयोतिर्यदह्ने अक्र्णोदु लोकं परावन मनुं दस्यवे करभीकम
English:- Now let this be the truth of Pavamana, there where all singers gather them together,
That he hath given us room and made the daylight, hath holpen Manu and repelled the Dasyu.

परि सद्मेव पशुमान्ति होता राजा न सत्यः समितीरियानः |
सोमः पुनानः कलशानयासीत सीदन मर्गो न महिषो वनेषु
English:- As the priest seeks the station rich in cattle, like a true King who goes to great assemblies,
Soma hath sought the beakers while they cleansed him, and like a wild bull, in the wood hath settled.