Book 9 >> HYMN 96 - Soma Pavamana

पर सेनानीः शूरो अग्रे रथानां गव्यन्नेति हर्षते अस्य सेना |
भद्रान कर्ण्वन्निन्द्रहवान सखिभ्य आ सोमो वस्त्रा रभसानि दत्ते
English:- . IN forefront of the cars forth goes the Hero, the Leader, winning spoil: his host rejoices.
Soma endues his robes of lasting colours, and blesses, for his friends, their calls on Indra.

समस्य हरिं हरयो मर्जन्त्यश्वहयैरनिशितं नमोभिः |
आ तिष्ठति रथमिन्द्रस्य सखा विद्वानेना सुमतिं यात्यछ
English:- Men decked with gold adorn his golden tendril, incessantly with steed-impelling homage.
The Friend of Indra mounts his car well-knowing, he comes thereon to meet the prayer we offer.

स नो देव देवताते पवस्व महे सोम पसरस इन्द्रपानः |
कर्ण्वन्नपो वर्षयन दयामुतेमामुरोरा नो वरिवस्या पुनानः
English:- O God, for service of the Gods flow onward, for food sublime, as Indra's drink, O Soma.
Making the floods, bedewing earth and heaven, come from the vast, comfort us while we cleanse thee

अजीतये.अहतये पवस्व सवस्तये सर्वतातये बर्हते |
तदुशन्ति विश्व इमे सखायस्तदहं वश्मि पवमान सोम
English:- Flow for prosperity and constant Vigour, flow on for happiness and high perfection.
This is the wish of these friends assembled: this is my wish, O Soma Pavamana.

सोमः पवते जनिता मतीनां जनिता दिवो जनिता पर्थिव्याः |
जनिताग्नेर्जनिता सूर्यस्य जनितेन्द्रस्य जनितोत विष्णोः
English:- Father of holy hymns, Soma flows onward the Father of the earth, Father of heaven:
Father of Agni, Sūrya's generator, the Father who begat Indra and Viṣṇu.

बरह्मा देवानां पदवीः कवीनां रषिर्विप्राणां महिषोम्र्गाणाम |
शयेनो गर्ध्राणां सवधितिर्वनानां सोमः पवित्रमत्येति रेभन
English:- Brahman of Gods, the Leader of the poets, Ṛṣi of sages, Bull of savage creatures,
Falcon amid the vultures, Axe of forests, over the cleansing sieve goes Soma singing.

परावीविपद वाच ऊर्मिं न सिन्धुर्गिरः सोमः पवमानोमनीषाः |
अन्तः पश्यन वर्जनेमावराण्या तिष्ठति वर्षभो गोषु जानन
English:- He, Soma Pavamana, like a river, hath stirred the wave of voice, our songs and praises.
Beholding these inferior powers in cattle, he rests among them as a Steer well-knowing.

स मत्सरः पर्त्सु वन्वन्नवातः सहस्ररेता अभि वाजमर्ष |
इन्द्रायेन्दो पवमानो मनीष्यंशोरूर्मिमीरय गा इषण्यन
English:- As Gladdener, Warrior never harmed in battle, with thousand genial streams, pour strength and vigour.
As thoughtful Pavamana, urge O Indu, speeding the kine, the plant's wave on to Indra.

परि परियः कलशे देववात इन्द्राय सोमो रण्यो मदाय |
सहस्रधारः शतवाज इन्दुर्वाजी न सप्तिः समना जिगाति
English:- Dear, grateful to the Gods, on to the beaker moves Soma, sweet to Indra, to delight him.
With hundred powers, with thousand currents, Indu, like a strong car-horse, goes to the assembly.

स पूर्व्यो वसुविज्जायमानो मर्जानो अप्सु दुदुहानो अद्रौ |
अभिशस्तिपा भुवनस्य राजा विदद गातुं बरह्मणे पूयमानः
English:- Born in old time as finder-out of treasures, drained with the stone, decking himself in waters,
Warding off curses, King of all existence, he shall find way for prayer the while they cleanse him.

तवया हि नः पितरः सोम पूर्वे कर्माणि चक्रुः पवमानधीराः |
वन्वन्नवातः परिधीन्रपोर्णु वीरेभिरश्वैर्मघवा भवा नः
English:- For our sage fathers, Soma Pavamana, of old performed, by thee, their sacred duties.
Fighting unvanquished, open the enclosures: enrich us with large gifts of steeds and heroes.

यथापवथा मनवे वयोधा अमित्रहा वरिवोविद धविष्मान |
एवा पवस्व दरविणं दधान इन्द्रे सं तिष्ठ जनयायुधानि
English:- As thou didst flow for Manu Life-bestowing, Foe-queller, Comforter, rich in oblations,
Even thus flow onward now conferring riches: combine with Indra, and bring forth thy weapons.

पवस्व सोम मधुमान रतावापो वसानो अधि सानो अव्ये |
अव दरोणानि घर्तवान्ति सीद मदिन्तमो मत्सर इन्द्रपानः
English:- Flow onward, Soma, rich in sweets and holy,. enrobed in waters on the fleecy summit.
Settle in vessels that are full of fatness, as cheering and most gladdening drink for Indra.

वर्ष्टिं दिवः शतधारः पवस्व सहस्रसा वाजयुर्देववीतौ |
सं सिन्धुभिः कलशे वावशानः समुस्रियाभिःप्रतिरन न आयुः
English:- Pour, hundred-streamed, winner of thousands, mighty at the Gods' banquet, Pour the rain of heaven,
While thou with rivers roarest in the beaker, and blent with milk prolongest our existence.

एष सय सोमो मतिभिः पुनानो.अत्यो न वाजी तरतीदरातीः |
पयो न दुग्धमदितेरिषिरमुर्विव गातुः सुयमोन वोळहा
English:- Purified with our holy hymns, this Soma o'ertakes malignities like some strong charger,
Like fresh milk poured by Aditi, like passage in ample room, or like a docile car-horse.

सवायुधः सोत्र्भिः पूयमानो.अभ्यर्ष गुह्यं चारु नाम |
अभि वाजं सप्तिरिव शरवस्याभि वायुमभि गा देवसोम
English:- Cleansed by the pressers, armed with noble weapons, stream to us the fair secret name thou bearest.
Pour booty, like a horse, for love of glory God, Soma, send us kine, and send us Vāyu.

शिशुं जज्ञानं हर्यतं मर्जन्ति शुम्भन्ति वह्निं मरुतो गणेन |
कविर्गीर्भिः काव्येना कविः सन सोमः पवित्रमत्येति रेभन
English:- They deck him at his birth, the lovely Infant, the Maruts with their troop adorn the Car-horse.
By songs a Poet and a Sage by wisdom, Soma joes singing through the cleansing filter.

रषिमना य रषिक्र्त सवर्षाः सहस्रणीथः पदवीः कवीनाम |
तर्तीयं धाम महिषः सिषासन सोमो विराजमनुराजति षटुप
English:- Light-winner, Ṛṣi-mindcd, Ṛṣi-maker, hymned in a thousand hymns, Leader of sages,
A Steer who strives to gain his third form, Soma is, like Virāj, resplendent as a Singer.

चमूषच्छ्येनः शकुनो विभ्र्त्वा गोविन्दुर्द्रप्स आयुधानिबिभ्रत |
अपामूर्मिं सचमानः समुद्रं तुरीयं धाममहिषो विवक्ति
English:- Hawk seated in the bowls, Bird wide-extended, the Banner seeking kine and wielding weapons,
Following close the sea, the wave of waters, the great Bull tells his fourth form and declares it.

मर्यो न शुभ्रस्तन्वं मर्जानो.अत्यो न सर्त्वा सनये धनानाम |
वर्षेव यूथा परि कोशमर्षन कनिक्रदच्चम्वोराविवेश
English:- Like a fair youth who decorates his body, a courser rushing to the gain of riches,
A steer to herds, so, flowing to the pitcher, he with a roar hath passed into the beakers.

पवस्वेन्दो पवमानो महोभिः कनिक्रदत परि वाराण्यर्ष |
करीळञ्चम्वोरा विश पूयमान इन्द्रं ते रसो मदिरो ममत्तु
English:- Flow on with might as Pavamana, Indu flow loudly roaring through the fleecy filter.
Enter the beakers sporting, as they cleanse thee, and let thy gladdening juice make Indra joyful.

परास्य धारा बर्हतीरस्र्ग्रन्नक्तो गोभिः कलशाना विवेश |
साम कर्ण्वन सामन्यो विपश्चित करन्दन्नेत्यभि सख्युर्न जामिम
English:- His streams have been effused in all their fulness, and he hath entered, balmed with milk, the goblets.
Singing his psalm, well-skilled in song, a Chanter, be comes as 'twere to his friend's sister roaring.

अपघ्नन्नेषि पवमान शत्रून परियां न जारो अभिगीत इन्दुः |
सीदन वनेषु शकुनो न पत्वा सोमः पुनानः कलशेषु सत्ता
English:- Chasing our foes thou comest, Pavamana Indu, besting, as lover to his darling.
As a bird flies and settles in the forest, thus Soma settles, purified, in goblets.

आ ते रुचः पवमानस्य सोम योषेव यन्ति सुदुघाः सुधाराः |
हरिरानीतः पुरुवारो अप्स्वचिक्रदत कलशे देवयूनाम
English:- With full stream and abundant milk, O Soma, thy beams come, like a woman, as they cleanse thee.
He, gold-hued, rich in boons, brought to the waters, hath roared within the goblet of the pious.