Quran Surah 37 - As-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks)

Ayat 1 - I CALL TO witness those who stand arrayed in rows,
Ayat 2 - And those who restrain by reprimanding,
Ayat 3 - And those who recite the Reminder,
Ayat 4 - Verily your God is One,
Ayat 5 - The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, and the Lord of the Easts.
Ayat 6 - He decked the nearest heavens with ornaments of stars,
Ayat 7 - Protecting them against every wayward devil,
Ayat 8 - So that they are not able to listen to the angels of higher (echelons), and are pelted from all sides
Ayat 9 - And kept far away. There is perpetual punishment for them,
Ayat 10 - Except those who eavesdrop and are pursued by a shooting flame.
Ayat 11 - So ask them if they are more difficult to create, or the rest We have created? Indeed (man) We created from fermented clay.
Ayat 12 - Yet while you are filled with wonder, they just scoff;
Ayat 13 - And when they are warned they pay no heed.
Ayat 14 - When they see a sign, they laugh at it,
Ayat 15 - And say: "This is only magic.
Ayat 16 - When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, how can we be raised again,
Ayat 17 - And our fathers too?"
Ayat 18 - You say: "Yes; and you will be lowly made."
Ayat 19 - There will only be a single jerk, and they will gape,
Ayat 20 - And say: "Ah woe! This is the Day of Reckoning."
Ayat 21 - "(Yes,) this is the Day of Judgement you had called a lie."
Ayat 22 - Gather all the wicked together and their comrades, and those they had worshipped
Ayat 23 - Other than God," (the angels will be told), "then show them the way to Hell,
Ayat 24 - And detain them, for they will be questioned."
Ayat 25 - "What is the matter with you that you do not help each other?"
Ayat 26 - They will submit to questioning then,
Ayat 27 - And some of them will confront the others,
Ayat 28 - Saying: "It were you who imposed yourselves upon us."
Ayat 29 - They will say: "No, you were the ones who would not believe.
Ayat 30 - We had no power over you. In fact, you were a people rebellious.
Ayat 31 - The sentence of our Lord has come true for us. We have certainly to taste (the punishment),
Ayat 32 - For we had led you astray. In fact we ourselves were astray."
Ayat 33 - So, they will become partners in punishment.
Ayat 34 - That is how We deal with sinners.
Ayat 35 - They were those who, when it was said to them, "There is no god but God," behaved with insolence,
Ayat 36 - And said: "Should we abandon our gods for the sake of an insane poet?"
Ayat 37 - Not in the least. He has brought the truth and confirmed the other messengers.
Ayat 38 - You will indeed taste a painful punishment,
Ayat 39 - And be rewarded but only for what you had done,
Ayat 40 - Except the chosen creatures of God,
Ayat 41 - Whose provision is predetermined --
Ayat 42 - Fruits of every kind, and they will be honoured
Ayat 43 - In gardens of delight,
Ayat 44 - (Sitting) on couches, face to face,
Ayat 45 - With cups from a flowing stream being passed around,
Ayat 46 - Clear, delicious to drink,
Ayat 47 - Neither dulling the senses nor intoxicating,
Ayat 48 - And with them maidens of modest look and large lustrous eyes,
Ayat 49 - Like sheltered eggs in a nest.
Ayat 50 - Then one turned to the other in an enquiry.
Ayat 51 - Said one of the speakers: "I had a friend
Ayat 52 - Who used to say: ´Are you one of those who can testify to the truth?
Ayat 53 - (Do you think) we would be paid back our due when we are dead and reduced to dust and bones?´
Ayat 54 - He said: ´Will you look down?´
Ayat 55 - He looked down and saw (his friend) in the midst of Hell.
Ayat 56 - ´By God´, he said, ´you had almost ruined me.
Ayat 57 - Had it not been for the grace of my Lord I too would have been there (in Hell).
Ayat 58 - (Another will say:)"Is it true, we are not going to die
Ayat 59 - Other than our first death, and we shall not be punished?
Ayat 60 - This will indeed be great happiness.
Ayat 61 - For this the toilers should strive."
Ayat 62 - Is this better or the tree of Zaqqum
Ayat 63 - Which We have reserved as punishment for evil-doers?
Ayat 64 - It is a tree that grows at the bottom of Hell.
Ayat 65 - Its spathes are like the prickly pear.
Ayat 66 - They will eat and fill their bellies with it,
Ayat 67 - Washing it down with boiling water.
Ayat 68 - Then to Hell they will surely be returned.
Ayat 69 - They had found their fathers astray,
Ayat 70 - Yet they hasten to follow in their footsteps.
Ayat 71 - So had many an earlier people gone astray,
Ayat 72 - And We had sent admonishers to them.
Ayat 73 - Look, then how was the end of those who had been warned,
Ayat 74 - Other than the chosen creatures of God.
Ayat 75 - Noah had verily called to Us. And how gracious was He who answered (him).
Ayat 76 - We saved him and his family from the great affliction,
Ayat 77 - And made his progeny survive,
Ayat 78 - And left (his name) for posterity.
Ayat 79 - Peace on Noah among all men.
Ayat 80 - That is how We reward those who do good.
Ayat 81 - Surely he was among Our faithful creatures.
Ayat 82 - Afterwards We drowned the others.
Ayat 83 - And Abraham indeed was of his inducement,
Ayat 84 - When he came to his Lord with a heart compliant,
Ayat 85 - When he said to his father and his people: "What is this you worship?
Ayat 86 - Why do you solicit false gods instead of God?
Ayat 87 - What do you imagine the Lord of the worlds to be?"
Ayat 88 - Then he looked up at the stars (they worshipped),
Ayat 89 - And said: "I am sick (of what you worship)!"
Ayat 90 - But they turned their backs on him and went away.
Ayat 91 - Then he turned towards their gods and said: "Why do you not eat (of these offerings)?
Ayat 92 - What is wrong with you that you do not speak?"
Ayat 93 - Then he started striking them down with his right hand.
Ayat 94 - So the people descended upon him.
Ayat 95 - "Why do you worship these you carve yourselves," he asked,
Ayat 96 - "When God has created you and what you make?"
Ayat 97 - "Build a pyre for him and throw him into the raging fire."
Ayat 98 - So they contrived a plot against him, but We made them abject.
Ayat 99 - And he said: "I am going away to my Lord who will show me the way.
Ayat 100 - (And he prayed:) "O Lord, grant me a righteous son."
Ayat 101 - So We gave him the good news of a clement son.
Ayat 102 - When he was old enough to go about with him, he said: "O my son, I dreamt that I was sacrificing you. Consider, what you think?" He replied: "Father, do as you are commanded. If God pleases you will find me firm."
Ayat 103 - When they submitted to the will of God, and (Abraham) laid (his son) down prostrate on his temple,
Ayat 104 - We called out: "O Abraham,
Ayat 105 - You have fulfilled your dream." Thus do We reward the good.
Ayat 106 - That was indeed a trying test.
Ayat 107 - So We ransomed him for a great sacrifice,
Ayat 108 - And left (his hallowed memory) for posterity.
Ayat 109 - Peace be on Abraham.
Ayat 110 - That is how We reward those who do good.
Ayat 111 - He is truly among Our faithful creatures.
Ayat 112 - So We gave him the good news of Isaac, apostle, who is among the righteous.
Ayat 113 - And We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants are some who do good, but some who wrong themselves.
Ayat 114 - We were indeed gracious to Moses and Aaron,
Ayat 115 - And saved them and their people from great distress,
Ayat 116 - And helped them, so they were victorious.
Ayat 117 - We gave them the explicit Book,
Ayat 118 - And showed them the straight path,
Ayat 119 - And left (their remembrance) for posterity.
Ayat 120 - Peace be on Moses and Aaron.
Ayat 121 - That is how We reward those who do good.
Ayat 122 - They are among Our faithful devotees.
Ayat 123 - Verily Elias is one of the apostles.
Ayat 124 - When he said to his people: "Will you not be mindful of God?
Ayat 125 - Would you call on Baal and leave the best of creators,
Ayat 126 - God, your Lord, and the Lord of your fathers?"
Ayat 127 - They denied him, and will surely be brought to punishment,
Ayat 128 - Except the chosen creatures of God.
Ayat 129 - And We left his (memory) for posterity.
Ayat 130 - Peace be on Elias.
Ayat 131 - That is how We reward those who do good.
Ayat 132 - He is truly among Our faithful devotees.
Ayat 133 - Verily Lot was one of the apostles,
Ayat 134 - Wherefore We saved him and his entire family
Ayat 135 - Except an old woman who was one of those who stayed behind.
Ayat 136 - Then We destroyed the others.
Ayat 137 - You pass by (their habitations) in the morning
Ayat 138 - Or at night. Then how is it you do not understand?
Ayat 139 - Verily Jonah is one of the apostles.
Ayat 140 - When he fled on the laden ship,
Ayat 141 - And lots were cast (when a storm overtook them), he was rejected, (and thrown overboard).
Ayat 142 - Then he was swallowed by a large fish as he was worthy of blame.
Ayat 143 - Had he not been one of those who struggled hard,
Ayat 144 - He would have stayed in its belly till the day the dead are raised.
Ayat 145 - So We cast him, sick, on a barren shore,
Ayat 146 - And We made a gourd tree grow over him.
Ayat 147 - We sent him to a hundred thousand men or more,
Ayat 148 - And they came to believe; so We allowed them to enjoy the good things of life for an age.
Ayat 149 - Now ask them if their Lord has daughters, and they sons?
Ayat 150 - Or did We make the angels females, and they witnessed it?
Ayat 151 - Is it not a lie invented by them when they say:
Ayat 152 - "God has begotten (children)?" They are liars indeed!
Ayat 153 - Does He prefer sons to daughters?
Ayat 154 - What ails you that you judge in such a wise?
Ayat 155 - Why do you not reflect?
Ayat 156 - Or have you received some clear authority?
Ayat 157 - Then bring your scripture, if what you say is true.
Ayat 158 - They link Him with jinns by lineage, yet the jinns know they will be brought before Him.
Ayat 159 - God is too glorious for what they ascribe to Him
Ayat 160 - Except His chosen creatures who do not.
Ayat 161 - So neither you nor those you worship
Ayat 162 - Can mislead anyone away from Him,
Ayat 163 - Except one who is (destined) to burn in Hell.
Ayat 164 - "There is not one of us who does not have his appointed place," (declare the angels.)
Ayat 165 - "And we are truly those who stand in rows,
Ayat 166 - And we are those who sing hallelujas to Him."
Ayat 167 - They used to say:
Ayat 168 - If we had the account of earlier people with us,
Ayat 169 - We would have been the chosen creatures of God."
Ayat 170 - Yet now (that it has come) they refuse to believe in it; but they will come to know soon.
Ayat 171 - Our word had already been given before to Our votaries, the apostles, --
Ayat 172 - That they would be helped,
Ayat 173 - And that certainly Our armies will be victorious.
Ayat 174 - So you ignore them for a time
Ayat 175 - And wait; they will come to know soon.
Ayat 176 - Do they want to hasten Our punishment?
Ayat 177 - When it comes down on their plains, it will be an evil dawn for those who had been warned.
Ayat 178 - So turn away from them for a time
Ayat 179 - And watch; they will come to know soon.
Ayat 180 - Too glorious is your Lord, the Lord of power, for what they ascribe to Him.
Ayat 181 - So peace be on the messengers,
Ayat 182 - And all praise to God, the Lord of all the worlds.