Quran Surah 38 - Sad (Sad)

Ayat 1 - SAD. I CALL to witness the admonishing Qur ´an.
Ayat 2 - But the unbelievers are still full of pride and hostility.
Ayat 3 - How many generations have We destroyed before them who cried (for mercy) when it was too late for escape.
Ayat 4 - They were surprised that one of them had come to them as warner; and the unbelievers said: "He is a deceiving sorcerer.
Ayat 5 - Has he turned so many gods into one deity? This is indeed a strange thing!"
Ayat 6 - And their leading chiefs said: "Remain attached to your gods. There is surely some motive behind it.
Ayat 7 - We never heard of it in the former faith. It is surely a fabrication.
Ayat 8 - To him of all of us has the Reminder been sent down?" They are still in doubt about My admonition; but they have not tasted My punishment yet!
Ayat 9 - Do they have the stores of the mercy of your Lord, the mighty and munificent?
Ayat 10 - Or is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, theirs? Then let them climb up the ladders (to the heavens).
Ayat 11 - They will be one more army vanquished among the many routed hordes.
Ayat 12 - Even before them the people of Noah, ´Ad, the mighty Pharoah,
Ayat 13 - And the Thamud, the people of Lot, as well as the dwellers of the Wood, had denied. These were the hordes.
Ayat 14 - Of all these there was not one who did not deny the messengers. So My retribution was justified.
Ayat 15 - They await but a single blast which will not be repeated.
Ayat 16 - Still they say: "O Lord, give us our share before the Day of Reckoning."
Ayat 17 - Bear with patience what they say, and remember Our votary David, man of strength. He surely turned to Us in penitence.
Ayat 18 - We subjugated the chiefs (of tribes) to struggle day and night with him,
Ayat 19 - And the levied Tair. They were all obedient to him.
Ayat 20 - So We further strengthened his kingdom, and bestowed wisdom on him, and judgement in legal matters.
Ayat 21 - Have you heard of the litigants who jumped over the wall into his chamber?
Ayat 22 - When they came before David, he was frightened of them. "Do not be afraid," they said. "The two of us are disputing the wrong one has done the other. So judge between us with equity, and do not be unjust, and guide us to the right path.
Ayat 23 - This man here is my brother. He has ninety and nine ewes while I have only one. He demands that I should give him my ewe, and wants to get the better of me in argument."
Ayat 24 - (David) said: "He is unjust in demanding your ewe to add to his (many) ewes. Many partners are surely -- unjust to one another, except those who believe and do the right; but there are only a few of them." It occurred to David that he was being tried by Us, and he begged his Lord to forgive him, and fell down in homage and repented.
Ayat 25 - So We forgave him. He has surely a high rank with Us and an excellent place of return.
Ayat 26 - "O David, We have made you trustee on the earth. So judge between men equitably, and do not follow your lust lest it should lead you astray from the way of God. Surely for those who go astray from the way of God, is severe punishment, for having forgotten the Day of Reckoning.
Ayat 27 - We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, all for nothing. Only those who deny imagine so. So for the unbelievers there is woe from the fire.
Ayat 28 - Should We equate those who do the right with those who spread corruption in the land? Should We make those who are morally integrated equal to those who seek disintegration?
Ayat 29 - We have sent down a Book to you which is blessed, so that people may apply their minds to its revelations, and the men of wisdom may reflect.
Ayat 30 - We bestowed Solomon on David who was an excellent devotee, for he turned to God in penitence.
Ayat 31 - When they brought fleet-footed chargers in the evening to show him,
Ayat 32 - He said: "The love of horses is worthy of desire to me for the remembrance of my Lord;" and when they were out of sight, (he said):
Ayat 33 - "Bring them back to me," and he began to rub and stroke their shanks and necks.
Ayat 34 - We surely tried Solomon, and placed another body on his throne. So he turned to God
Ayat 35 - Saying: "O Lord, forgive me, and give me such a dominion as none will merit after me. You are the great bestower."
Ayat 36 - So we subjugated the wind to his service which carried his merchandise wheresoever he wished;
Ayat 37 - And the devils -- the builders and divers of all kinds,
Ayat 38 - And many others bound in bond.
Ayat 39 - "This is Our gift," (We said to him), "so bestow freely or withhold without reckoning."
Ayat 40 - He has a high position with Us and an excellent abode.
Ayat 41 - Remember Our votary Job because he called to his Lord: "Satan has afflicted me with disease and distress."
Ayat 42 - "Go swiftly to the spring," (We said). "This cold water is for bathing and for drinking."
Ayat 43 - We restored his family to him with others similar to them, as a blessing from Us and a reminder for men of wisdom. --
Ayat 44 - "Take a handful of herbs," (We said to him), and apply and rub them, and do not make a mistake." We found him patient in adversity, an excellent devotee, always turning in repentance.
Ayat 45 - Remember Our votaries Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, men of power and insight.
Ayat 46 - We distinguished them for the distinct remembrance of the abode (of the Hereafter).
Ayat 47 - They are the chosen ones, the excellent in Our sight.
Ayat 48 - And remember Ishmael, Elisha and Dhu´l- Kifl. Every one of them is among the best.
Ayat 49 - This is a commemoration. Surely for those who take heed for themselves is an excellent place of return --
Ayat 50 - Gardens of Eden with gates open wide to them,
Ayat 51 - Where they will take their ease, calling for fruits in plenty, and for wine,
Ayat 52 - With companions of modest look, the same in age, by their side.
Ayat 53 - This is what is promised you for the Day of Reckoning.
Ayat 54 - This is surely Our provision never-ending.
Ayat 55 - This (for the virtuous); but for the transgressors the evil destination,
Ayat 56 - Hell, in which they will burn. How vile a resting place!
Ayat 57 - There will be boiling water for them and cold, clammy, fetid drink to taste,
Ayat 58 - And other similar torments.
Ayat 59 - Here is a multitude rushing headlong with you. There is no welcome for them. They will roast in the fire.
Ayat 60 - They will say: "In fact, it is you who will have no welcome. It is you who brought this upon us. What an evil place of rest!"
Ayat 61 - They will say: "O Lord, give him who has brought this upon us two times more the torment of Hell;"
Ayat 62 - And will add: "O what has happened to us that we do not see the men we counted among the wicked.
Ayat 63 - Did we laugh at them (for nothing), or our eyes fail to pick them out?"
Ayat 64 - This contending of the inmates of Hell will surely be real.
Ayat 65 - Say: "I am only a warner, and there is no other god but God, the one, the omnipotent,
Ayat 66 - Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, all-mighty, all-forgiving."
Ayat 67 - Say: "This is a momentous message,
Ayat 68 - To which you pay no heed.
Ayat 69 - I had no knowledge of the higher Assembly when they discussed it among themselves.
Ayat 70 - Only this has been revealed to me that I am a distinct warner.
Ayat 71 - When your Lord said to the angels: "I am going to create a man from clay;
Ayat 72 - And when I have made him and have breathed into him of My spirit. Fall down in homage before him."
Ayat 73 - Then the angels bowed before him in a body,
Ayat 74 - Except Iblis. He was filled with pride and turned an unbeliever.
Ayat 75 - Said (God): "O Iblis, what hindered you from adoring what I created by My own authority? Are you too proud, or too high and mighty?"
Ayat 76 - He said: "I am better than he. You created me from fire, and him from clay."
Ayat 77 - (God) said: "Then go hence, ostracised.
Ayat 78 - Upon you will be My damnation till the Day of Doom."
Ayat 79 - He said: "O Lord, give me respite till the day the dead rise from their graves."
Ayat 80 - (God) said: "You have the respite
Ayat 81 - Till the appointed day."
Ayat 82 - He said: "By Your authority, I will lead them astray,
Ayat 83 - Other than the chosen ones among Your creatures."
Ayat 84 - (God) said: "This is right by Me, and what I say is right.
Ayat 85 - I will fill up Hell with you together with those who follow you."
Ayat 86 - Say: "I do not ask any compensation of you for it, nor am I a specious pretender.
Ayat 87 - This is only a warning for mankind.
Ayat 88 - You will come to know its truth in time."