Book 1 >> HYMN 144 - Agni

एति पर होता वरतमस्य माययोर्ध्वां दधानः शुचिपेशसं धियम |
अभि सरुचः करमते दक्षिणाव्र्तो या अस्य धाम परथमं ह निंसते
English:- . THE Priest goes forth to sacrifice, with wondrous power sending aloft the hymn of glorious brilliancy.
He moves to meet the ladles turning to the right, which are the first to kiss the place where he abides.

अभीं रतस्य दोहना अनूषत योनौ देवस्य सदने परीव्र्ताः |
अपामुपस्थे विभ्र्तो यदावसदध सवधा अधयद याभिरीयते
English:- To him sang forth the flowing streams of Holy Law, encompassed in the home and birth-place of the God.
He, when he dwelt extended in the waters' lap, absorbed those Godlike powers for which he is adored.

युयूषतः सवयसा तदिद वपुः समानमर्थं वितरित्रता मिथः |
आदीं भगो न हव्यः समस्मदा वोळ्हुर्न रश्मीन समयंस्त सारथिः
English:- Seeking in course altern to reach the selfsame end the two copartners strive to win this beauteous form.
Like Bhaga must he be duly invoked by us, as he who drives the car holds fast the horse's reins.

यमीं दवा सवयसा सपर्यतः समाने योना मिथुना समोकसा |
दिवा न नक्तं पलितो युवाजनि पुरू चरन्नजरो मानुषा युगा
English:- He whom the two copartners with observance tend, the pair who dwell together in the same abode,
By night as in the day the grey one was born young, passing untouched by eld through many an age of man.

तमीं हिन्वन्ति धीतयो दश वरिशो देवं मर्तास ऊतये हवामहे |
धनोरधि परवत आ स रण्वत्यभिव्रजद्भिर्वयुना नवाधित
English:- Him the ten fingers, the devotions, animate: we mortals call on him a God to give us help.
He speeds over the sloping surface of the land: new deeds hath he performed with those who gird him round.

तवं हयग्ने दिव्यस्य राजसि तवं पार्थिवस्य पशुपा इव तमना |
एनी त एते बर्हती अभिश्रिया हिरण्ययी वक्वरी बर्हिराशाते
English:- For, Agni, like a herdsman, thou by thine own might rulest o'er all that is in heaven and on the earth;
And these two Mighty Ones, bright, golden closely joined, rolling them round are come unto thy sacred grass.

अग्ने जुषस्व परति हर्य तद वचो मन्द्र सवधाव रतजात सुक्रतो |
यो विश्वतः पर्त्यंं असि दर्शतो रण्वः सन्द्र्ष्टौ पितुमानिव कषयः
English:- Agni, accept with joy, be glad in this our prayer, joy-giver, self-sustained, strong, born of Holy Law!
For fair to see art thou turning to every side, pleasant to look on as a dwelling filled with food.