Book 1 >> HYMN 157 - Asvins

अबोध्यग्निर्ज्म उदेति सूर्यो वयुषाश्चन्द्रा मह्यावो अर्चिषा |
आयुक्षातामश्विना यातवे रथं परासावीद देवः सविता जगत पर्थक
English:- . AGNI is wakened: Sūrya riseth from the earth. Mighty, refulgent Dawn hath shone with all her light.
The Aśvins have equipped their chariot for the course. God Savitar hath moved the folk in sundry ways.

यद युञ्जाथे वर्षणमश्विना रथं घर्तेन नो मधुना कषत्रमुक्षतम |
अस्माकं बरह्म पर्तनासु जिन्वतं वयं धना शूरसाता भजेमहि
English:- When, Aśvins, ye equip your very mighty car, bedew, ye Twain, our power with honey and with oil.
To our devotion give victorious strength in war: may we win riches in the heroes' strife for spoil.

अर्वां तरिचक्रो मधुवाहनो रथो जीराश्वो अश्विनोर्यातु सुष्टुतः |
तरिवन्धुरो मघवा विश्वसौभगः शं न आ वक्षद दविपदे चतुष्पदे
English:- Nigh to us come the Aśvins' lauded three-wheeled car, the car laden with meath and drawn by fleet-foot steeds,
Three-seated, opulent, bestowing all delight. may it bring weal to us, to cattle and to men.

आ न ऊर्जं वहतमश्विना युवं मधुमत्या नः कशया मिमिक्षतम |
परायुस्तारिष्टं नी रपांसि मर्क्षतं सेधतं दवेषो भवतं सचाभुवा
English:- Bring hither nourishment for us, ye Aśvins Twain; sprinkle us with your whip that drops with honey-dew.
Prolong our days of life, wipe out our trespasses; destroy our foes, be our companions and our Friends.

युवं ह गर्भं जगतीषु धत्थो युवं विश्वेषु भुवनेष्वन्तः |
युवमग्निं च वर्षणावपश्च वनस्पतीन्रश्विनावैरयेथाम
English:- Ye store the germ of life in female creatures, ye lay it up within all living beings.
Ye have sent forth, O Aśvins passing mighty, the fire, the sovrans of the wood, the waters,

युवं ह सथो भिषजा भेषजेभिरथो ह सथो रथ्या राथ्येभिः |
अथो ह कषत्रमधि धत्थ उग्रा यो वां हविष्मान्मनसा ददाश
English:- Leeches are ye with medicines to heal us, and charioteers are ye with skill in driving.
Ye Strong, give sway to him who brings oblation and with his heart pours out his gift before you.