Book 1 >> HYMN 160 - Heaven and Earth

ते हि दयावाप्र्थिवी विश्वशम्भुव रतावरी रजसो धारयत्कवी |
सुजन्मनी धिषणे अन्तरीयते देवो देवी धर्मणा सूर्यः शुचिः
English:- . THESE, Heaven and Earth, bestow prosperity on all, sustainers of the region, Holy Ones and wise,
Two Bowls of noble kind: between these Goddesses the God, the fulgent Sun, travels by fixed decree.

उरुव्यचसा महिनी असश्चता पिता माता च भुवनानि रक्षतः |
सुध्र्ष्टमे वपुष्ये न रोदसी पिता यत सीमभि रूपैरवासयत
English:- Widely-capacious Pair, mighty, that never fail, the Father and the Mother keep all creatures safe:
The two world-halves, the spirited, the beautiful, because the Father hath clothed them in goodly forms.

स वह्निः पुत्रः पित्रोः पवित्रवान पुनाति धीरो भुवनानि मायया |
धेनुं च पर्श्निं वर्षभं सुरेतसं विश्वाहा शुक्रं पयो अस्य दुक्षत
English:- Son of these Parents, he the Priest with power to cleanse, Sage, sanctifies the worlds with his surpassing power.
Thereto for his bright milk he milked through all the days the party-coloured Cow and the prolific Bull.

अयं देवानामपसामपस्तमो यो जजान रोदसी विश्वशम्भुवा |
वि यो ममे रजसी सुक्रतूययाजरेभि सकम्भनेभिःसमान्र्चे
English:- Among the skilful Gods most skilled is he, who made the two world-halves which bring prosperity to all;
Who with great wisdom measured both the regions out, and stablished them with pillars that shall ne'er decay.

ते नो गर्णाने महिनी महि शरवः कषत्रं दयावाप्र्थिवी धासथो बर्हत |
येनाभि कर्ष्टीस्ततनाम विश्वहा पनाय्यमोजो अस्मे समिन्वतम
English:- Extolled in song, O Heaven and Earth, bestow on us, ye mighty Pair, great glory and high lordly sway,
Whereby we may extend ourselves ever over the folk; and send us strength that shall deserve the praise of men.