Book 1 >> HYMN 159 - Heaven and Earth

पर दयावा यज्ञैः पर्थिवी रताव्र्धा मही सतुषे विदथेषु परचेतसा |
देवेभिर्ये देवपुत्रे सुदंससेत्था धिया वार्याणि परभूषतः
English:- . I PRAISE with sacrifices mighty Heaven and Earth at festivals, the wise, the Strengtheners of Law.
Who, having Gods for progeny, conjoined with Gods, through wonder-working wisdom bring forth choicest boons.

उत मन्ये पितुरद्रुहो मनो मातुर्महि सवतवस्तद धवीमभिः |
सुरेतसा पितरा भूम चक्रतुरुरु परजाया अम्र्तंवरीमभिः
English:- With invocations, on the gracious Father's mind, and on the Mother's great inherent power I muse.
Prolific Parents, they have made the world of life, and for their brood all round wide immortality.

ते सूनवः सवपसः सुदंससो मही जज्ञुर्मातरा पूर्वचित्तये |
सथातुश्च सत्यं जगतश्च धर्मणि पुत्रस्य पाथः पदमद्वयाविनः
English:- These Sons of yours well skilled in work, of wondrous power, brought forth to life the two great Mothers first of all.
To keep the truth of all that stands and all that moves, ye guard the station of your Son who knows no guile.

ते मायिनो ममिरे सुप्रचेतसो जामी सयोनी मिथुना समोकसा |
नव्यं-नव्यं तन्तुमा तन्वते दिवि समुद्रे अन्तः कवयः सुदीतयः
English:- They with surpassing skill, most wise, have measured out the Twins united in their birth and in their home.
They, the refulgent Sages, weave within the sky, yea, in the depths of sea, a web for ever new.

तद राधो अद्य सवितुर्वरेण्यं वयं देवस्य परसवे मनामहे |
अस्मभ्यं दयावाप्र्थिवी सुचेतुना रयिं धत्तं वसुमन्तं शतग्विनम
English:- This is to-day the goodliest gift of Savitar: this thought we have when now the God is furthering us.
On us with loving-kindness Heaven and Earth bestow riches and various wealth and treasure hundredfold!