Book 1 >> HYMN 17 - Indra-Varuna

इन्द्रावरुणयोरहं सम्राजोरव आ वर्णे |
ता नो मर्ळातीद्र्शे
English:- I CRAVE help from the Imperial Lords, from Indra-Varuṇa; may they
Both favour one of us like me.

गन्तारा हि सथो.अवसे हवं विप्रस्य मावतः |
English:- Guardians of men, ye ever come with ready succour at the call
Of every singer such as I.

अनुकामं तर्पयेथामिन्द्रावरुण राय आ |
ता वां नेदिष्ठमीमहे
English:- Sate you, according to your wish, O Indra-Varuṇa, with wealth:
Fain would we have you nearest us.

युवाकु हि शचीनां युवाकु सुमतीनाम |
भूयाम वाजदाव्नाम
English:- May we be sharers of the powers, sharers of the benevolence
Of you who give strength bounteously.

इन्द्रः सहस्रदाव्नां वरुणः शंस्यानाम |
English:- Indra and Varuṇa, among givers of thousands, meet for praise,
Are Powers who merit highest laud.

तयोरिदवसा वयं सनेम नि च धीमहि |
सयादुत पररेचनम
English:- Through their protection may we gain great store of wealth, and heap it up
Enough and still to spare, be ours.

इन्द्रावरुण वामहं हुवे चित्राय राधसे |
अस्मान सु जिग्युषस कर्तम
English:- O Indra-Varuṇa, on you for wealth in many a form I call:
Still keep ye us victorious.

इन्द्रावरुण नू नु वां सिषासन्तीषु धीष्वा |
अस्मभ्यं शर्म यछतम
English:- O Indra-Varuṇa, through our songs that seek to win you to ourselves,
Give us at once your sheltering help.

पर वामश्नोतु सुष्टुतिरिन्द्रावरुण यां हुवे |
यां रधाथे सधस्तुतिम
English:- O Indra-Varuṇa, to you may fair praise which I offer come,
Joint eulogy which ye dignify.