Book 1 >> HYMN 184 - Asvins

ता वामद्य तावपरं हुवेमोछन्त्यामुषसि वह्निरुक्थैः |
नासत्या कुह चित सन्तावर्यो दिवो नपाता सुदास्तराय
English:- . LET us invoke you both this day and after the priest is here with lauds when morn is breaking:
Nāsatyas, wheresoe'er ye be, Heaven's Children, for him who is more liberal than the godless.

अस्मे ऊ षु वर्षणा मादयेथामुत पणीन्र्हतमूर्म्या मदन्ता |
शरुतं मे अछोक्तिभिर्मतीनामेष्टा नरा निचेतारच कर्णैः
English:- With us, ye Mighty, let yourselves be joyful, glad in our stream of Soma slay the niggards.
Graciously hear my hymns and invitations, marking, O Heroes, with your cars my longing.

शरिये पूषन्निषुक्र्तेव देवा नासत्या वहतुं सूर्यायाः |
वच्यन्ते वां ककुहा अप्सु जाता युगा जूर्णेव वरुणस्य भूरेः
English:- Nāsatyas, Pūṣans, ye as Gods for glory arranged and set in order Sūrya's bridal.
Your giant steeds move on, sprung from the waters, like ancient times of Varuṇa the Mighty.

अस्मे सा वां माध्वी रातिरस्तु सतोमं हिनोतं मान्यस्य कारोः |
अनु यद वां शरवस्या सुदानू सुवीर्याय चर्षणयोमदन्ति
English:- Your grace be with us, ye who love sweet juices: further the hymn sung by the poet Māna,
When men are joyful in your glorious actions, to win heroic strength, ye Bounteous Givers.

एष वां सतोमो अश्विनावकारि मानेभिर्मघवाना सुव्र्क्ति |
यातं वर्तिस्तनयाय तमने चागस्त्ये नासत्या मदन्ता
English:- This praise was made, O liberal Lords, O Aśvins, for you with fair adornment by the Mānas.
Come to our house for us and for our children, rejoicing, O Nāsatyas, in Agastya.

अतारिष्म ...
English:- We have passed o'er the limit of this darkness: our praise hath been bestowed on you, O Aśvins.
Come hitherward by paths which Gods have travelled. may we find strengthening food in full abundance.