Book 1 >> HYMN 185 - Heaven and Earth

कतरा पूर्वा कतरापरायोः कथा जाते कवयः को वि वेद |
विश्वं तमना बिभ्र्तो यद ध नाम वि वर्तेते अहनी चक्रियेव
English:- . WHETHER of these is elder, whether later? How were they born? Who knoweth it, ye sages?
These of themselves support all things existing: as on a car the Day and Night roll onward.

भूरिं दवे अचरन्ती चरन्तं पद्वन्तं गर्भमपदी दधाते |
नित्यं न सूनुं पित्रोरुपस्थे दयावा रक्षतं पर्थिवी नो अभ्वात
English:- The Twain uphold, though motionless and footless, a widespread offspring having feet and moving.
Like your own son upon his parents' bosom, protect us, Heaven and earth, from fearful danger.

अनेहो दात्रमदितेरनर्वं हुवे सवर्वदवधं नमस्वत |
तद रोदसी जनयतं जरित्रे दयावा ...
English:- I call for Aditi's unrivalled bounty, perfect, celestial, deathless, meet for worship.
Produce this, ye Twain Worlds, for him who lauds you. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

अतप्यमाने अवसावन्ती अनु षयाम रोदसी देवपुत्रे |
उभे देवानामुभयेभिरह्नां दयावा ...
English:- May we be close to both the Worlds who suffer no pain, Parents of Gods, who aid with favour,
Both mid the Gods, with Day and Night alternate. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

संगछमाने युवती समन्ते सवसारा जामी पित्रोरुपस्थे |
अभिजिघ्रन्ती भुवनस्य नाभिं दयावा ...
English:- Faring together, young, with meeting limits, Twin Sisters lying in their Parents' bosom,
Kissing the centre of the world together. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

उर्वी सद्मनी बर्हती रतेन हुवे देवानामवसा जनित्री |
दधाते ये अम्र्तं सुप्रतीके दयावा ...
English:- Duly I call the two wide seats, the mighty, the general Parents, with the God's protection.
Who, beautiful to look on, make the nectar. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

उर्वी पर्थ्वी बहुले दूरेन्ते उप बरुवे नमसा यज्ञे अस्मिन |
दधाते ये सुभगे सुप्रतूर्ती दयावा ...
English:- Wide, vast, and manifold, whose bounds are distant,-these, reverent, I address at this our worship,
The blessed Pair, victorious, all-sustaining. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

देवान वा यच्चक्र्मा कच्चिदागः सखायं वा सदमिज्जास्पतिं वा |
इयं धीर्भूया अवयानमेषां दयावा .. .
English:- What sin we have at any time committed against the Gods, our friend, our house's chieftain,
Thereof may this our hymn be expiation. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.

उभा शंसा नर्या मामविष्टामुभे मामूती अवसा सचेताम |
भूरि चिदर्यः सुदास्तरायेषा मदन्त इषयेम देवाः
English:- May both these Friends of man, who bless, preserve me, may they attend me with their help and favour.
Enrich the man more liberal than the godless. May we, ye Gods, be strong with food rejoicing.

रतं दिवे तदवोचं पर्थिव्या अभिश्रावाय परथमं सुमेधाः |
पातामवद्याद दुरितादभीके पिता माता च रक्षतामवोभिः
English:- Endowed with understanding, I have uttered this truth, for all to hear, to Earth and Heaven.
Be near us, keep us from reproach and trouble. Father and Mother, with your help preserve us.

इदं दयावाप्र्थिवी सत्यमस्तु पितर्मातर्यदिहोपब्रुवे वाम |
भूतं देवानामवमे अवोभिर्विद्या...
English:- Be this my prayer fulfilled, O Earth and Heaven, wherewith, Father and Mother, I address you.
Nearest of Gods be ye with your protection. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.