Book 1 >> HYMN 189 - Agni

अग्ने नय सुपथा राये अस्मान विश्वानि देव वयुनानि विद्वान |
युयोध्यस्मज्जुहुराणमेनो भूयिष्ठां ते नमौक्तिंविधेम
English:- . BY goodly paths lead us to riches, Agni, God who knowest every sacred duty.
Remove the sin that makes us stray and wander. most ample adoration will we bring thee.

अग्ने तवं पारया नव्यो अस्मान सवस्तिभिरति दुर्गाणि विश्वा |
पुश्च पर्थ्वी बहुला न उर्वि भवा तोकाय तनयाय शं योः
English:- Lead us anew to happiness, O Agni; lead us beyond all danger and affliction.
Be unto us a wide broad ample castle bless, prosper on their way our sons and offspring.

अग्ने तवमस्मद युयोध्यमीवा अनग्नित्रा अभ्यमन्त कर्ष्टीः |
पुनरस्मभ्यं सुविताय देव कषां विश्वेभिरम्र्तेभिर्यजत्र
English:- Far from us, Agni, put thou all diseases let them strike lauds that have no saving Agni.
God, make our home again to be a blessing, with all the Immortal Deities, O Holy.

पाहि नो अग्ने पायुभिरजस्रैरुत परिये सदन आ शुशुक्वान |
मा ते भयं जरितारं यविष्ठ नूनं विदन मापरं सहस्वः
English:- Preserve us, Agni, with perpetual succour, refulgent in the dwelling which thou lovest.
O Conqueror, most youthful, let no danger touch him who praises thee to-day or after.

मा नो अग्ने.अव सर्जो अघायाविष्यवे रिपवे दुछुनायै |
मादत्वते दशते मादते नो मा रीषते सहसावन परा दाः
English:- Give not us up a prey to sin, O Agni, the greedy enemy that brings us trouble;
Not to the fanged that bites, not to the toothless: give not us up, thou Conqueror, to the spoiler.

वि घ तवावान रतजात यंसद गर्णानो अग्ने तन्वे वरूथम |
विश्वाद रिरिक्षोरुत वा निनित्सोरभिह्रुतामसि हि देव विष्पट
English:- Such as thou art, born after Law, O Agni when lauded give protection to our bodies,
From whosoever would reproach or injure: for thou, God, rescuest from all oppression.

तवं तानग्न उभयानिव विद्वान वेषि परपित्वे मनुषो यजत्र |
अभिपित्वे मनवे शास्यो भूर्मर्म्र्जेन्य उशिग्भिर्नाक्रः
English:- Thou, well discerning both these classes, comest to men at early morn, O holy Agni.
Be thou obedient unto man at evening, to be adorned, as keen, by eager suitors.

अवोचाम निवचनान्यस्मिन मानस्य सूनुः सहसाने अग्नौ |
वयं सहस्रं रषिभिः सनेम वि...
English:- To him have we addressed our pious speeches, I, Māna's son, to him victorious Agni.
May we gain countless riches with the sages. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.