Book 1 >> HYMN 82 - Indra

उपो षु शर्णुही गिरो मघवन मातथा इव |
यदा नः सून्र्तावतः कर आदर्थयास इद योजा नविन्द्र ते हरी
English:- . GRACIOUSLY listen to our songs, Maghavan, be not negligent.
As thou hast made us full of joy and lettest us solicit thee, now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.

अक्षन्नमीमदन्त हयव परिया अधूषत |
अस्तोषत सवभानवो विप्रा नविष्ठया मती योजा ...
English:- Well have they eaten and rejoiced; the friends have risen and passed away.
The sages luminous in themselves have. praised thee with their latest hymn. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.

सुसन्द्र्शं तवा वयं मघवन वन्दिषीमहि |
पर नूनं पूर्णवन्धुर सतुतो याहि वशाननु योजा ...
English:- Maghavan, we will reverence thee who art so fair to look upon.
Thus praised, according to our wish come now with richly laden car. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.

स घा तं वर्षणं रथमधि तिष्ठाति गोविदम |
यःपात्रं हारियोजनं पूर्णमिन्द्र चिकेतति योजा ...
English:- He will in very truth ascend the powerful car that finds the kine,
Who thinks upon the well-filled bowl, the Tawny Coursers' harnesser. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.

युक्तस्ते अस्तु दक्षिण उत सव्यः शतक्रतो
English:- Let, Lord of Hundred Powers, thy Steeds be harnessed on the right and left.
Therewith in rapture of the juice, draw near to thy beloved Spouse. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.

तेन जायामुप परियां मन्दानो याह्यन्धसो योजा ...
English:- With holy prayer I yoke thy long-maned pair of Bays: come hitherward; thou holdest them in both thy hands.
The stirring draughts of juice outpoured have made thee glad: thou, Thunderer, hast rejoiced with Pūṣan and thy Spouse.

युनज्मि ते बरह्मणा केशिना हरी उप पर याहि दधिषे गभस्त्योः |
उत तवा सुतासो रभसा अमन्दिषुः पूषण्वान वज्रिन समु पत्न्यामदः