Book 1 >> HYMN 83 - Indra

अश्वावति परथमो गोषु गछति सुप्रावीरिन्द्र मर्त्यस्तवोतिभिः |
तमित पर्णक्षि वसुना भवीयसा सिन्धुमापो यथाभितो विचेतसः
English:- . INDRA, the mortal man well guarded by thine aid goes foremost in the wealth of horses and of kine.
With amplest wealth thou fillest him, as round about the waters clearly seen afar fill Sindhu full.

आपो न देवीरुप यन्ति होत्रियमवः पश्यन्ति विततं यथा रजः |
पराचैर्देवासः पर णयन्ति देवयुं बरह्मप्रियं जोषयन्ते वरा इव
English:- The heavenly Waters come not nigh the priestly bowl: they but look down and see how far mid-air is spread:
The Deities conduct the pious man to them: like suitors they delight in him who loveth prayer.

अधि दवयोरदधा उक्थ्यं वचो यतस्रुचा मिथुना या सपर्यतः |
असंयत्तो वरते ते कषेति पुष्यति भद्रा शक्तिर्यजमानाय सुन्वते
English:- Praiseworthy blessing hast thou laid upon the pair who with uplifted ladle serve thee, man and wife.
Unchecked he dwells and prospers in thy law: thy power brings blessing to the sacrificer pouring gifts.

आदङगिराः परथमं दधिरे वय इद्धाग्नयः शम्या येसुक्र्त्यया |
सर्वं पणेः समविन्दन्त भोजनमश्वावन्तं गोमन्तमा पशुं नरः
English:- First the Aṅgirases won themselves vital power, whose fires were kindled through good deeds and sacrifice.
The men together found the Paṇi's hoarded wealth, the cattle, and the wealth in horses and in kine.

यज्ञैरथर्वा परथमः पथस्तते ततः सूर्यो वरतपावेन आजनि |
आ गा आजदुशना काव्यः सचा यमस्य जातमम्र्तं यजामहे
English:- Atharvan first by sacrifices laid the paths then, guardian of the Law, sprang up the loving Sun.
Uśanā Kāvya straightway hither drove the kine. Let us with offerings honour Yama's deathless birth.

बर्हिर्वा यत सवपत्याय वर्ज्यते.अर्को वा शलोकमाघोषतेदिवि |
गरावा यत्र वदति कारुरुक्थ्यस्तस्येदिन्द्रो अभिपित्वेषु रण्यति
English:- When sacred grass is trimmed to aid the auspicious work, or the hymn makes its voice of praise sound to the sky.
Where the stone rings as 'twere a singer skilled in laud,-Indra in truth delights when these come near to him.