Book 1 >> HYMN 85 - Maruts

पर ये शुम्भन्ते जनयो न सप्तयो यामन रुद्रस्य सूनवःसुदंससः |
रोदसी हि मरुतश्चक्रिरे वर्धे मदन्ति वीरा विदथेषु घर्ष्वयः
English:- . THEY who are glancing forth, like women, on their way, doers of mighty deeds, swift racers, Rudra's Sons,
The Maruts have made heaven and earth increase and grow: in sacrifices they delight, the strong and wild.

त उक्षितासो महिमानमाशत दिवि रुद्रासो अधि चक्रिरे सदः |
अर्चन्तो अर्कं जनयन्त इन्द्रियमधि शरियो दधिरे पर्श्निमातरः
English:- Grown to their perfect strength greatness have they attained; the Rudras have established their abode in heaven.
Singing their song of praise and generating might, they have put glory on, the Sons whom Pṛśni bare.

गोमातरो यच्छुभयन्ते अञ्जिभिस्तनूषु शुभ्रा दधिरे विरुक्मतः |
बाधन्ते विश्वमभिमातिनमप वर्त्मान्येषामनु रीयते घर्तम
English:- When, Children of the Cow, they shine in bright attire, and on their fair limbs lay their golden ornaments,
They drive away each adversary from their path, and, following their traces, fatness floweth down,

वि ये भराजन्ते सुमखास रष्टिभिः परच्यावयन्तो अच्युताचिदोजसा |
मनोजुवो यन मरुतो रथेष्वा वर्षव्रातासः पर्षतीरयुग्ध्वम
English:- When, mighty Warriors, ye who glitter with your spears, o'erthrowing with your strength e'en what is ne'er o'erthrown,
When, O ye Maruts, ye the host that send the rain, had harnessed to your cars the thought-fleet spotted deer.

पर यद रथेषु पर्षतीरयुग्ध्वं वाजे अद्रिं मरुतो रंहयन्तः |
उतारुषस्य वि षयन्ति धाराश्चर्मेवोदभिर्व्युन्दन्ति भूम
English:- When ye have harnessed to your cars the spotted deer, urging the thunderbolt, O Maruts, to the fray,
Forth rush the torrents of the dark red stormy cloud, and moisten, like a skin, the earth with water-floods.

आ वो वहन्तु सप्तयो रघुष्यदो रघुपत्वानः पर जिगात बाहुभिः |
सीदता बर्हिरुरु वः सदस कर्तं मादयध्वं मरुतो मध्वो अन्धसः
English:- Let your swift-gliding coursers bear you hitherward with their fleet pinions. Come ye forward with your arms.
Sit on the grass; a wide seat hath been made for you: delight yourselves, O Maruts, in the pleasant food.

ते.अवर्धन्त सवतवसो महित्वना नाकं तस्थुरुरु चक्रिरे सदः |
विष्णुर्यद धावद वर्षणं मदच्युतं वयो न सीदन्नधि बर्हिषि परिये
English:- Strong in their native strength to greatness have they grown, stepped to the firmament and made their dwelling wide.
When Viṣṇu saved the Soma bringing wild delight, the Maruts sate like birds on their dear holy grass.

शूरा इवेद युयुधयो न जग्मयः शरवस्यवो न पर्तनासु येतिरे |
भयन्ते विश्वा भुवना मरुद्भ्यो राजान इव तवेषसन्द्र्शो नरः
English:- In sooth like heroes fain for fight they rush about, like combatants fame-seeking have they striven in war.
Before the Maruts every creature is afraid: the men are like to Kings, terrible to behold.

तवष्टा यद वज्रं सुक्र्तं हिरण्ययं सहस्रभ्र्ष्टिं सवपा अवर्तयत |
धत्त इन्द्रो नर्यपांसि कर्तवे.अहन वर्त्रं निरपामौब्जदर्णवम
English:- When Tvaṣṭar deft of hand had turned the thunderbolt, golden, with thousand edges, fashioned more skilfully,
Indra received it to perform heroic deeds. Vṛtra he slew, and forced the flood of water forth.

ऊर्ध्वं नुनुद्रे.अवतं त ओजसा दद्र्हाणं चिद बिभिदुर्विपर्वतम |
धमन्तो वाणं मरुतः सुदानवो मदे सोमस्य रण्यानि चक्रिरे
English:- They with their vigorous strength pushed the well up on high, and clove the cloud in twain though it was passing strong.
The Maruts, bounteous Givers, sending forth their voice, in the wild joy of Soma wrought their glorious deeds.

जिह्मं नुनुद्रे.अवतं तया दिशासिञ्चन्नुत्सं गोतमाय तर्ष्णजे |
आ गछन्तीमवसा चित्रभानवः कामं विप्रस्यतर्पयन्त धामभिः
English:- They drave the cloud transverse directed hitherward, and poured the fountain forth for thirsting Gotama.
Shining with varied light they come to him with help: they with their might fulfilled the longing of the sage.

या वः शर्म शशमानाय सन्ति तरिधातूनि दाशुषे यछताधि |
अस्मभ्यं तानि मरुतो वि यन्त रयिं नो धत्त वर्षणः सुवीरम
English:- The shelters which ye have for him who lauds you, bestow them threefold on the man who offers.
Extend the same boons unto us, ye Maruts. Give us, O Heroes, wealth with noble offspring.