Book 2 >> HYMN 10 - Agni

जोहूत्रो अग्निः परथमः पितेवेळस पदे मनुषा यत समिद्धः |
शरियं वसानो अम्र्तो विचेता मर्म्र्जेन्यः शरवस्यःस वाजी
English:- . AGNI, first, loudly calling, like a Father, kindled by man upon the seat of worship.
Clothed in his glory, deathless, keen of insight, must be adorned by all, the Strong, the Famous.

शरूया अग्निश्चित्रभानुर्हवं मे विश्वाभिर्गीर्भिरम्र्तो विचेताः |
शयावा रथं वहतो रोहिता वोतारुषाह चक्रे विभ्र्त्रः
English:- May Agni the resplendent hear my calling through all my songs, Immortal, keen of insight.
Dark steeds or ruddy draw his car, or carried in sundry ways he makes them red of colour.

उत्तानायामजनयन सुषूतं भुवदग्निः पुरुपेशासु गर्भः |
शिरिणायां चिदक्तुना महोभिरपरीव्र्तो वसति परचेताः
English:- On wood supine they got the well-formed Infant: a germ in various-fashioned plants was Agni;
And in the night, not compassed round by darkness, he dwells exceeding wise, with rays of splendour.

जिघर्म्यग्निं हविषा घर्तेन परतिक्षियन्तं भुवनानि विश्वा |
पर्थुं तिरश्चा वयसा बर्हन्तं वयचिष्ठमन्नै रभसं दर्शानम
English:- With oil and sacred gifts I sprinkle Agni who makes his home in front of all things living,
Broad, vast, through vital power o'er all expanded, conspicuous, strong with all the food that feeds him.

आ विश्वतः परत्यञ्चं जिघर्म्यरक्षसा मनसा तज्जुषेत |
मर्यश्रीः सप्र्हयद्वर्णो अग्निर्नाभिम्र्शे तन्वा जर्भुराणः
English:- I pour to him who looks in all directions: may he accept it with a friendly spirit.
Agni with bridegroom's grace and lovely colour may not be touched when all his form is fury.

जञेया भागं सहसानो वरेण तवादूतासो मनुवद वदेम |
अनूनमग्निं जुह्वा वचस्या मधुप्र्चं धनसाजोहवीमि
English:- By choice victorious, recognize thy portion: with thee for envoy may we speak like Manu.
Obtaining wealth, I call on perfect Agni who with an eloquent tongue dispenses sweetness.