Book 2 >> HYMN 8 - Agni

वाजयन्निव नू रथान योगानग्नेरुप सतुहि |
यशस्तमस्य मीळ्हुषः
English:- . Now praise, as one who strives for strength, the harnessing of Agni's car,
The liberal, the most splendid One;

यः सुनीथो ददाशुषे.अजुर्यो जरयन्नरिम |
English:- Who, guiding worshippers aright, withers, untouched by age, the foe:
When worshipped fair to look upon;

य उ शरिया दमेष्वा दोषोषसि परशस्यते |
यस्य वरतं न मीयते
English:- Who for his glory is extolled at eve and morning in our homes,
Whose statute is inviolate;

आ यः सवर्ण भानुना चित्रो विभात्यर्चिषा |
English:- Who shines refulgent like the Sun, with brilliance and with fiery flame,
Decked with imperishable sheen.

अत्रिमनु सवराज्यमग्निमुक्थानि वाव्र्धुः |
विश्वा अधि शरियो दधे
English:- Him Atri, Agni, have our songs Strengthened according to his sway:
All glories hath he made his own.

अग्नेरिन्द्रस्य सोमस्य देवानामूतिभिर्वयम |
अरिष्यन्तःसचेमह्यभि षयाम पर्तन्यतः
English:- May we with Agni's, Indra's help, with Soma's, yea, of all the Gods,
Uninjured dwell together still, and conquer those who fight with us.