Book 3 >> HYMN 22 - Agni

अयं सो अग्निर्यस्मिन सोममिन्द्रः सुतं दधे जठरे वावशानः |
सहस्रिणं वाजमत्यं न सप्तिं ससवान सन सतूयसे जातवेदः
English:- THIS is that Agni whence the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
Winner of spoils in thousands, like a courser, with praise art thou exalted, Jātavedas.

अग्ने यत ते दिवि वर्चः पर्थिव्यां यदोषधीष्वप्स्वा यजत्र |
येनान्तरिक्षमुर्वाततन्थ तवेषः स भानुरर्णवो नर्चक्षाः
English:- That light of thine in heaven and earth, O Agni, in plants, O Holy One, and in the waters,
Wherewith thou hast spread wide the air's mid-region-bright is that splendour, wavy, man-beholding.

अग्ने दिवो अर्णमछा जिगास्यछा देवानूचिषे धिष्ण्याये |
या रोचने परस्तात सूर्यस्य याश्चावस्तादुपतिष्ठण्त आपः
English:- O Agni, to the sea of heaven thou goest: thou hast called hither Gods beheld in spirit.
The waters, too, come hither, those up yonder in the Sun's realm of light, and those beneath it.

पुरीष्यासो अग्नयः परावणेभिः सजोषसः |
जुषन्तां यज्ञमद्रुहो.अनमीवा इषो महीः
English:- Let fires that dwell in mist, combined with those that have their home in floods,
Guileless accept our sacrifice, great viands free from all disease.

इळामग्ने ...
English:- Agni, as holy food to thine invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels.
To us be born a son and spreading offspring. Agni, be this thy gracious will to us-ward.