Book 3 >> HYMN 43 - Indra

आ याह्यर्वां उप वन्धुरेष्ठास्तवेदनु परदिवः सोमपेयम |
परिया सखाया वि मुचोप बर्हिस्त्वामिमे हव्यवाहो हवन्ते
English:- . MOUNTED upon thy chariot-seat approach us: thine is the Soma-draught from days aforetime.
Loose for the sacred grass thy dear companions. These men who bring oblation call thee hither.

आ याहि पूर्वीरति चर्षणीरानर्य आशिष उप नो हरिभ्याम |
इमा हि तवा मतय सतोमतष्टा इन्द्र हवन्ते सख्यं जुषाणाः
English:- Come our true Friend, passing by many people; come with thy two Bay Steeds to our devotions;
For these our hymns are calling thee, O Indra, hymns formed for praise, soliciting thy friendship.

आ नो यज्ञं नमोव्र्धं सजोषा इन्द्र देव हरिभिर्याहि तूयम |
अहं हि तवा मतिभिर्जोहवीमि घर्तप्रयाः सधमादे मधूनाम
English:- Pleased, with thy Bay Steeds, Indra, God, come quickly to this our sacrifice that heightens worship;
For with my thoughts, presenting oil to feed thee, I call thee to the feast of sweet libations.

आ च तवामेता वर्षणा वहातो हरी सखाया सुधुरा सवङगा |
धानावदिन्द्रः सवनं जुषाणः सखा सख्युः शर्णवद वन्दनानि
English:- Yea, let thy two Bay Stallions bear thee hither, well limbed and good to draw, thy dear companions.
Pleased with the corn-blent offering which we bring thee, may Indra, Friend, hear his friend's adoration.

कुविन मा गोपां करसे जनस्य कुविद राजानं मघवन्न्र्जीषिन |
कुविन म रषिं पपिवांसं सुतस्य कुविन मे वस्वो अम्र्तस्य शिक्षाः
English:- Wilt thou not make me guardian of the people, make me, impetuous Maghavan, their ruler?
Make me a Ṛṣi having drunk of Soma? Wilt thou not give me wealth that lasts for ever?

आ तवा बर्हन्तो हरयो युजाना अर्वागिन्द्र सधमादो वहन्तु |
पर ये दविता दिव रञ्जन्त्याताः सुसम्म्र्ष्टासो वर्षभस्य मूराः
English:- Yoked to thy chariot, led thy tall Bays, Indra, companions of thy banquet, bear thee hither,
Who from of old press to heaven's farthest limits, the Bull's impetuous and well-groomed Horses.

इन्द्र पिब वर्षधूतस्य वर्ष्ण आ यं ते शयेन उशते जभार |
यस्य मदे चयावयसि पर कर्ष्टीर्यस्य मदे अप गोत्रा ववर्थ
English:- Drink of the strong pressed out by strong ones, Indra, that which the Falcon brought thee when thou longedst;
In whose wild joy thou stirrest up the people, in whose wild joy thou didst unbar the cow-stalls.

शुनं हुवेम ...
English:- Call we on Indra, Makhavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vṛtras, wins and gathers riches.