Book 4 >> HYMN 20 - Indra

आ न इन्द्रो दूराद आ न आसाद अभिष्टिक्र्द अवसे यासद उग्रः |
ओजिष्ठेभिर नर्पतिर वज्रबाहुः संगे समत्सु तुर्वणिः पर्तन्यून
English:- . FROM near or far away may mighty Indra giver of succour, come for our protection
Lord of men, armed with thunder, with the Strongest, slaying his foes in conflict, in the battles.

आ न इन्द्रो हरिभिर यात्व अछार्वाचीनो ऽवसे राधसे च |
तिष्ठाति वज्री मघवा विरप्शीमं यज्ञम अनु नो वाजसातौ
English:- May Indra come to us with Tawny Coursers, inclined to us, to favour and enrich us.
May Maghavan, loud-voiced and wielding thunder, stand by us at this sacrifice, in combat.

इमं यज्ञं तवम अस्माकम इन्द्र पुरो दधत सनिष्यसि करतुं नः |
शवघ्नीव वज्रिन सनये धनानां तवया वयम अर्य आजिं जयेम
English:- Thou, honouring this our sacrifice, O Indra, shalt give us strength and fill us full of courage.
To win the booty, Thunder-armed! like hunters may we with thee subdue in fight our foemen.

उशन्न उ षु णः सुमना उपाके सोमस्य नु सुषुतस्य सवधावः |
पा इन्द्र परतिभ्र्तस्य मध्वः सम अन्धसा ममदः पर्ष्ठ्येन
English:- Loving us well, benevolent, close beside us, drink, Godlike Indra, of the well-pressed Soma.
Drink of the meath we offer, and delight thee with food that cometh from the mountain ridges.

वि यो ररप्श रषिभिर नवेभिर वर्क्षो न पक्वः सर्ण्यो न जेता |
मर्यो न योषाम अभि मन्यमानो ऽछा विवक्मि पुरुहूतम इन्द्रम
English:- Him who is sung aloud by recent sages, like a ripe-fruited tree, a scythe-armed victor,-
I, like a bridegroom thinking of his consort, call hither Indra, him invoked of many;

गिरिर न यः सवतवां रष्व इन्द्रः सनाद एव सहसे जात उग्रः |
आदर्ता वज्रं सथविरं न भीम उद्नेव कोशं वसुना नयॄष्टम
English:- Him who in native strength is like a mountain, the lofty Indra born or old for conquest,
Terrific wielder of the ancient thunder. filled full with splendour as a jar with water.

न यस्य वर्ता जनुषा नव अस्ति न राधस आमरीता मघस्य |
उद्वाव्र्षाणस तविषीव उग्रास्मभ्यं दद्धि पुरुहूत रायः
English:- Whom from of old there is not one to hinder, none to curtail the riches of his bounty.
Pouring forth freely, O thou Strong and Mighty, vouchsafe us riches, God invoked of many!

ईक्षे रायः कषयस्य चर्षणीनाम उत वरजम अपवर्तासि गोनाम |
शिक्षानरः समिथेषु परहावान वस्वो राशिम अभिनेतासि भूरिम
English:- Of wealth and homes of men thou art the ruler, and opener of the stable of the cattle.
Helper of men, winner of spoil in combats, thou leadest to an ample heap of riches.

कया तच छर्ण्वे शच्या शचिष्ठो यया कर्णोति मुहु का चिद रष्वः |
पुरु दाशुषे विचयिष्ठो अंहो ऽथा दधाति दरविणं जरित्रे
English:- By what great might is he renowned as strongest, wherewith the Lofty One stirs up wild battles?
Best soother of the worshipper's great sorrow, he gives possessions to the man who lauds him.

मा नो मर्धीर आ भरा दद्धि तन नः पर दाशुषे दातवे भूरि यत ते |
नव्ये देष्णे शस्ते अस्मिन त उक्थे पर बरवाम वयम इन्द्र सतुवन्तः
English:- Slay us not; bring, bestow onus the ample gift which thou hast to give to him who offers.
At this new gift, with this laud sung before thee, extolling thee, we, Indra, will declare it.

नू षटुत इन्द्र नू गर्णान इषं जरित्रे नद्यो न पीपेः |
अकारि ते हरिवो बरह्म नव्यं धिया सयाम रथ्यः सदासाः
English:- Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high, like rivers, for the singer.
A new hymn, Lord of Bays! for thee is fashioned. May we, car-born, through song be victors ever.