Book 4 >> HYMN 22 - Indra

यन न इन्द्रो जुजुषे यच च वष्टि तन नो महान करति शुष्म्य आ चित |
बरह्म सतोमम मघवा सोमम उक्था यो अश्मानं शवसा बिभ्रद एति
English:- . THAT gift of ours which Indra loves and welcomes, even that he makes for us, the Great and Strong One.
He who comes wielding in his might the thunder, Maghavan, gives prayer, praise, and laud, and Soma.

वर्षा वर्षन्धिं चतुरश्रिम अस्यन्न उग्रो बाहुभ्यां नर्तमः शचीवान |
शरिये परुष्णीम उषमाण ऊर्णां यस्याः पर्वाणि सख्याय विव्ये
English:- Bull, hurler of the four-edged rain-producer with both his arms, strong, mighty, most heroic;
Wearing as wool Paruṣṇī for adornment, whose joints for sake of friendship he hath covered.

यो देवो देवतमो जायमानो महो वाजेभिर महद्भिश च शुष्मैः |
दधानो वज्रम बाह्वोर उशन्तं दयाम अमेन रेजयत पर भूम
English:- God who of all the Gods was born divinest, endowed with ample strength and mighty powers,
And bearing in his arms the yearning thunder, with violent rush caused heaven and earth to tremble.

विश्वा रोधांसि परवतश च पूर्वीर दयौर रष्वाज जनिमन रेजत कषाः |
आ मातरा भरति शुष्म्य आ गोर नर्वत परिज्मन नोनुवन्त वाताः
English:- Before the High God, at his birth, heaven trembled, earth, many floods and all the precipices.
The Strong One bringeth nigh the Bull's two Parents: loud sing the winds, like men, in air's mid-region.

ता तू त इन्द्र महतो महानि विश्वेष्व इत सवनेषु परवाच्या |
यच छूर धर्ष्णो धर्षता दध्र्ष्वान अहिं वज्रेण शवसाविवेषीः
English:- These are thy great deeds, Indra, thine, the Mighty, deeds to be told aloud at all libations,
That thou, O Hero, bold and boldly daring, didst with thy bolt, by strength, destroy the Dragon.

ता तू ते सत्या तुविन्र्म्ण विश्वा पर धेनवः सिस्रते वर्ष्ण ऊध्नः |
अधा ह तवद वर्षमणो भियानाः पर सिन्धवो जवसा चक्रमन्त
English:- True are all these thy deeds, O Most Heroic. The Milch-kine issued from the streaming udder.
In fear of thee, O thou of manly spirit, the rivers swiftly set themselves in motion.

अत्राह ते हरिवस ता उ देवीर अवोभिर इन्द्र सतवन्त सवसारः |
यत सीम अनु पर मुचो बद्बधाना दीर्घाम अनु परसितिं सयन्दयध्यै
English:- With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
When thou didst give the prisoned ones their freedom to wander at their will in long succession.

पिपीळे अंशुर मद्यो न सिन्धुर आ तवा शमी शशमानस्य शक्तिः |
अस्मद्र्यक छुशुचानस्य यम्या आशुर न रश्मिं तुव्योजसं गोः
English:- Pressed is the gladdening stalk as 'twere a river: so let the rite, the toiler's power, attract thee
To us-ward, of the Bright One, as the courser strains his. exceedingly strong leather bridle.

अस्मे वर्षिष्ठा कर्णुहि जयेष्ठा नर्म्णानि सत्रा सहुरे सहांसि |
अस्मभ्यं वर्त्रा सुहनानि रन्धि जहि वधर वनुषो मर्त्यस्य
English:- Ever by us perform thy most heroic, thine highest, best victorious deeds, O Victor.
For us make Vṛtras easy to be conquered: destroy the weapon of our mortal foeman.

अस्माकम इत सु शर्णुहि तवम इन्द्रास्मभ्यं चित्रां उप माहि वाजान |
अस्मभ्यं विश्वा इषणः पुरंधीर अस्माकं सु मघवन बोधि गोदाः
English:- Graciously listen to our prayer, O Indra, and strength of varied sort bestow thou on us.
Send to us all intelligence arid wisdom O Maghavan, be he who gives us cattle.

नू षटुत इन्द्र नू गर्णान इषं जरित्रे नद्यो न पीपेः |
अकारि ते हरिवो बरह्म नव्यं धिया सयाम रथ्यः सदासाः
English:- Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let wealth swell high like rivers to the singer.
For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays, is fashioned. May we, car-borne, through song be victors ever.