Book 5 >> HYMN 19 - Agni

अभ्य अवस्थाः पर जायन्ते पर वव्रेर वव्रिश चिकेत |
उपस्थे मातुर वि चष्टे
English:- . ONE state begets another state: husk is made visible from husk:
Within his Mother's side he speaks.

जुहुरे वि चितयन्तो ऽनिमिषं नर्म्णम पान्ति |
आ दर्ळ्हाम पुरं विविशुः
English:- Discerning, have they offered gifts: they guard the strength that never wastes.
To a strong fort have they pressed in.

आ शवैत्रेयस्य जन्तवो दयुमद वर्धन्त कर्ष्टयः |
निष्कग्रीवो बर्हदुक्थ एना मध्वा न वाजयुः
English:- Śvaitreya's people, all his men, have gloriously increased in might.
A gold chain Bṛhaduktha wears, as, through this Soma, seeking spoil.

परियं दुग्धं न काम्यम अजामि जाम्योः सचा |
घर्मो न वाजजठरो ऽदब्धः शश्वतो दभः
English:- I bring, as 'twere, the longed-for milk, the dear milk of the Sister-Pair.
Like to a caldron filled with food is he, unconquered, conquering all.

करीळन नो रश्म आ भुवः सम भस्मना वायुना वेविदानः |
ता अस्य सन धर्षजो न तिग्माः सुसंशिता वक्ष्यो वक्षणेस्थाः
English:- Beam of light, come to us in sportive fashion, finding thyself close to the wind that fans thee.
These flames of his are wasting flames, like arrows keen-pointed, sharpened, on his breast.