Book 5 >> HYMN 20 - Agni

यम अग्ने वाजसातम तवं चिन मन्यसे रयिम |
तं नो गीर्भिः शरवाय्यं देवत्रा पनया युजम
English:- . AGNI, best winner of the spoil, cause us to praise before the Gods
As our associate meet for lauds, wealth which thou verily deemest wealth.

ये अग्ने नेरयन्ति ते वर्द्धा उग्रस्य शवसः |
अप दवेषो अप हवरो ऽनयव्रतस्य सश्चिरे
English:- Agni, the great who ward not off the anger of thy power and might
Stir up the wrath and hatred due to one who holds an alien creed.

होतारं तवा वर्णीमहे ऽगने दक्षस्य साधनम |
यज्ञेषु पूर्व्यं गिरा परयस्वन्तो हवामहे
English:- Thee, Agni, would we choose as Priest, the perfecter of strength and skill;
We who bring sacred food invoke with song thee Chief at holy rites.

इत्था यथा त ऊतये सहसावन दिवे-दिवे |
राय रताय सुक्रतो गोभिः षयाम सधमादो वीरैः सयाम सधमादः
English:- Here as is needful for thine aid we toil, O Conqueror, day by day,
For wealth, for Law. May we rejoice, Most Wise One! at the feast, with kine, rejoice, with heroes, at the feast.