Book 5 >> HYMN 74 - Asvins

कूष्ठो देवाव अश्विनाद्या दिवो मनावसू |
तच छरवथो वर्षण्वसू अत्रिर वाम आ विवासति
English:- . WHERE in the heavens are ye to-day, Gods, Aśvins, rich in constancy?
Hear this, ye excellent as Steers: Atri inviteth you to come.

कुह तया कुह नु शरुता दिवि देवा नासत्या |
कस्मिन्न आ यतथो जने को वां नदीनां सचा
English:- Where are they now? Where are the Twain, the famed Nāsatyas, Gods in heaven?
Who is the man ye strive to reach? Who of your suppliants is with you?

कं याथः कं ह गछथः कम अछा युञ्जाथे रथम |
कस्य बरह्माणि रण्यथो वयं वाम उश्मसीष्टये
English:- Whom do ye visit, whom approach? to whom direct your harnessed car?
With whose devotions are ye pleased? We long for you to further us.

पौरं चिद धय उदप्रुतम पौर पौराय जिन्वथः |
यद ईं गर्भीततातये सिंहम इव दरुहस पदे
English:- Ye, Strengtheners, for Paura stir the filler swimming in the flood,
Advancing to be captured like a lion to the ambuscade.

पर चयवानाज जुजुरुषो वव्रिम अत्कं न मुञ्चथः |
युवा यदी कर्थः पुनर आ कामम रण्वे वध्वः
English:- Ye from cyavana worn with age removed his skin as 'twere a robe.
So, when ye made him young again, he stirred the longing of a dame.

अस्ति हि वाम इह सतोता समसि वां संद्र्शि शरिये |
नू शरुतम म आ गतम अवोभिर वाजिनीवसू
English:- Here is the man who lauds you both: to see your glory are we here.
Now bear me, come with saving help, ye who are rich in store of wealth.

को वाम अद्य पुरूणाम आ वव्ने मर्त्यानाम |
को विप्रो विप्रवाहसा को यज्ञैर वाजिनीवसू
English:- Who among many mortal men this day hath won you to himself?
What bard, accepters of the bard? Who, rich in wealth! with sacrifice?

आ वां रथो रथानां येष्ठो यात्व अश्विना |
पुरू चिद अस्मयुस तिर आङगूषो मर्त्येष्व आ
English:- O Aśvins, may your car approach, most excellent of cars for speed.
Through many regions may our praise pass onward among mortal men.

शम ऊ षु वाम मधूयुवास्माकम अस्तु चर्क्र्तिः |
अर्वाचीना विचेतसा विभिः शयेनेव दीयतम
English:- May our laudation of you Twain, lovers of meath! be sweet to you.
Fly hitherward, ye wise of heart, like falcons with your winged steeds.

अश्विना यद ध कर्हि चिच छुश्रूयातम इमं हवम |
वस्वीर ऊ षु वाम भुजः पर्ञ्चन्ति सु वाम पर्चः
English:- O Aśvins, when at any time ye listen to this call of mine,
For you is dainty food prepared: they mix refreshing food for you.