Book 5 >> HYMN 76 - Asvins

आ भात्य अग्निर उषसाम अनीकम उद विप्राणां देवया वाचो अस्थुः |
अर्वाञ्चा नूनं रथ्येह यातम पीपिवांसम अश्विना घर्मम अछ
English:- . AGNI, the bright face of the Dawns, is shining; the singers' pious voices have ascended.
Borne on your chariot, Aśvins, turn you hither and come unto our full and rich libation.

न संस्क्र्तम पर मिमीतो गमिष्ठान्ति नूनम अश्विनोपस्तुतेह |
दिवाभिपित्वे ऽवसागमिष्ठा परत्य अवर्तिं दाशुषे शम्भविष्ठा
English:- Most frequent guests, they scorn not what is ready: even now the lauded Aśvins are beside us.
With promptest aid they come at morn and evening, the worshipper's most blessed guards from trouble.

उता यातं संगवे परातर अह्नो मध्यंदिन उदिता सूर्यस्य |
दिवा नक्तम अवसा शंतमेन नेदानीम पीतिर अश्विना ततान
English:- Yea, come at milking-time, at early morning, at noon of day and when the Sun is setting,
By day, by night, with favour most auspicious. Not only now the draught hath drawn the Aśvins.

इदं हि वाम परदिवि सथानम ओक इमे गर्हा अश्विनेदं दुरोणम |
आ नो दिवो बर्हतः पर्वताद आद्भ्यो यातम इषम ऊर्जं वहन्ता
English:- For this place, Aśvins, was of old your dwelling, these were your houses, this your habitation.
Come to us from high heaven and from the mountain. Come from the waters bringing food and vigour.

सम अश्विनोर अवसा नूतनेन मयोभुवा सुप्रणीती गमेम |
आ नो रयिं वहतम ओत वीरान आ विश्वान्य अम्र्ता सौभगानि
English:- May we obtain the Aśvins' newest favour, and gain their health-bestowing happy guidance.
Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!