Book 5 >> HYMN 77 - Asvins

परातर्यावाणा परथमा यजध्वम पुरा गर्ध्राद अररुषः पिबातः |
परातर हि यज्ञम अश्विना दधाते पर शंसन्ति कवयः पूर्वभाजः
English:- . FIRST worship those who come at early morning: let the Twain drink before the giftless niggard.
The Aśvins claim the sacrifice at daybreak: the sages yielding the first share extol them.

परातर यजध्वम अश्विना हिनोत न सायम अस्ति देवया अजुष्टम |
उतान्यो अस्मद यजते वि चावः पूर्वः-पूर्वो यजमानो वनीयान
English:- Worship at dawn and instigate the Aśvins: nor is the worshipper at eve rejected.
Besides ourselves another craves and worships: each first in worship is most highly favoured.

हिरण्यत्वङ मधुवर्णो घर्तस्नुः पर्क्षो वहन्न आ रथो वर्तते वाम |
मनोजवा अश्विना वातरंहा येनातियाथो दुरितानि विश्वा
English:- Covered with gold, meath-tinted, dropping fatness, your chariot with its freight of food comes hither,
Swift as thought, Aśvins, rapid as the tempest, wherewith ye travel over all obstructions.

यो भूयिष्ठं नासत्याभ्यां विवेष चनिष्ठम पित्वो ररते विभागे |
स तोकम अस्य पीपरच छमीभिर अनूर्ध्वभासः सदम इत तुतुर्यात
English:- He who hath served most often the Nāsatyas, and gives the sweetest food at distribution,
Furthers with his own holy works his offspring, and ever passes those whose flames ascend not.

सम अश्विनोर अवसा नूतनेन मयोभुवा सुप्रणीती गमेम |
आ नो रयिं वहतम ओत वीरान आ विश्वान्य अम्र्ता सौभगानि
English:- May we obtain the Aśvins' newest favour, and gain their health-bestowing happy guidance.
Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!