Book 6 >> HYMN 32 - Indra

अपूर्व्या पुरुतमान्यस्मै महे वीराय तवसे तुराय |
विरप्शिने वज्रिणे शन्तमानि वचांस्यासा सथविराय तक्षम
English:- . I WITH my lips have fashioned for this Hero words never matched, most plentiful and auspicious,
For him the Ancient, Great, Strong, Energetic, the very mighty Wielder of the Thunder.

स मातरा सूर्येणा कवीनामवासयद रुजदद्रिं गर्णानः |
सवाधीभिर्र्क्वभिर्वावशान उदुस्रियाणामस्र्जन निदानम
English:- Amid the sages, with the Sun he brightened the Parents: glorified, he burst the mountain;
And, roaring with the holy-thoughted singers, he loosed the bond that held the beams of Morning.

स वह्निभिर्र्क्वभिर्गोषु शश्वन मितज्ञुभिः पुरुक्र्त्वा जिगाय |
पुरः पुरोहा सखिभिः सखीयन दर्ळ्हा रुरोज कविभिः कविः सन
English:- Famed for great deeds, with priests who kneel and laud him, he still hath conquered in the frays for cattle,
And broken down the forts, the Fort-destroyer, a Friend with friends, a Sage among the sages.

स नीव्याभिर्जरितारमछा महो वाजेभिर्महद्भिश्च शुष्मैः |
पुरुवीराभिर्व्र्षभ कषितीनामा गिर्वणः सुविताय पर याहि
English:- Come with thy girthed mares, with abundant vigour and plenteous strength to him who sings thy praises.
Come hither, borne by mares with many heroes, Lover of song! Steer! for the people's welfare.

स सर्गेण शवसा तक्तो अत्यैरप इन्द्रो दक्षिणतस्तुराषाट |
इत्था सर्जाना अनपाव्र्दर्थं दिवे-दिवे विविषुरप्रम्र्ष्यम
English:- Indra with rush and might, sped by his Coursers, hath swiftly won the waters from the southward.
Thus set at liberty the rivers daily flow to their goal, incessant and exhaustless.