Book 6 >> HYMN 54 - Pusan

सं पूषन विदुषा नय यो अञ्जसानुशासति |
य एवेदमिति बरवत
English:- . O PUSAN, bring us to the man who knows, who shall direct us straight,
And say unto us, It is here.

समु पूष्णा गमेमहि यो गर्हानभिशासति |
इम एवेति चब्रवत
English:- May we go forth with Pūṣan who shall point the houses out to us,
And say to us, These same are they.

पूष्णश्चक्रं न रिष्यति न कोशो.अव पद्यते |
नो अस्य वयथते पविः
English:- Unharmed is Pūṣan's chariot wheel; the box ne'er falleth to the ground,
Nor doth the loosened felIy shake.

यो अस्मै हविषाविधन न तं पूषापि मर्ष्यते |
परथमो विदते वसु
English:- Pūṣan forgetteth not the man who serveth him with offered gift:
That man is first to gather wealth.

पूषा गा अन्वेतु नः पुषा रक्षत्वर्वतः |
पूषा वाजं सनोतु नः
English:- May Pūṣan follow near our kine; may Pūṣan keep our horses safe:
May Pūṣan gather gear for us.

पूषन्ननु पर गा इहि यजमानस्य सुन्वतः |
अस्माकं सतुवतामुत
English:- Follow the kine of him who pours libations out and worships thee;
And ours who sing thee songs of praise.

माकिर्नेशन माकीं रिषन माकीं सं शारि केवटे |
अथारिष्टाभिरा गहि
English:- Let none be lost, none injured, none sink in a pit and break a limb.
Return with these all safe and sound.

शर्ण्वन्तं पूषणं वयमिर्यमनष्टवेदसम |
ईशानंराय ईमहे
English:- Pūṣan who listens to our prayers, the Strong whose wealth is never lost,
The Lord of riches, we implore.

पूषन तव वरते वयं न रिष्येम कदा चन |
सतोतारस्त इह समसि
English:- Secure in thy protecting care, O Pūṣan, never may we fail.
We here are they who sing thy praise.

परि पूषा परस्ताद धस्तं दधातु दक्षिणम |
पुनर्नो नष्टमाजतु
English:- From out the distance, far and wide, may Pūṣan stretch his right hand forth,
And drive our lost again to us.