Book 7 >> HYMN 57 - Maruts

मध्वो वो नाम मारुतं यजत्राः पर यज्ञेषु शवसा मदन्ति |
ये रेजयन्ति रोदसी चिदुर्वी पिन्वन्त्युत्सं यदयासुरुग्राः
English:- . YEA, through the power of your sweet juice, ye Holy! the Marut host is glad at sacrifices.
They cause even spacious heaven and earth to tremble, they make the spring flow when they come, the Mighty.

निचेतारो हि मरुतो गर्णन्तं परणेतारो यजमानस्य मन्म |
अस्माकमद्य विदथेषु बर्हिरा वीतये सदत पिप्रियाणाः
English:- The Maruts watch the man who sings their praises, promoters of the thought of him who worships.
Seat you on sacred grass in our assembly, this day, with friendly minds, to share the banquet.

नैतावदन्ये मरुतो यथेमे भराजन्ते रुक्मैरायुधैस्तनूभिः |
आ रोदसी विश्वपिशः पिशानाः समानमञ्ज्यञ्जते शुभे कम
English:- No others gleam so brightly as these Maruts with their own forms, their golden gauds, their weapons.
With all adornments, decking earth and heaven, they heighten, for bright show, their common splendour.

रधक सा वो मरुतो दिद्युदस्तु यद व आगः पुरुषता कराम |
मा वस्तस्यामपि भूमा यजत्रा अस्मे वो अस्तु सुमतिश्चनिष्ठा
English:- Far from us be your blazing dart, O Maruts, when we, through human frailty, sin against you.
Let us not he exposed to that, ye Holy! May your most loving favour still attend us.

कर्ते चिदत्र मरुतो रणन्तानवद्यासः शुचयः पावकाः |
पर णो.अवत सुमतिभिर्यजत्राः पर वाजेभिस्तिरत पुष्यसे नः
English:- May even what we have done delight the Maruts, the blameless Ones, the bright, the purifying.
Further us, O ye Holy, with your kindness: advance us mightily that we may prosper.

उत सतुतासो मरुतो वयन्तु विश्वेभिर्नामभिर्नरो हवींषि |
ददात नो अम्र्तस्य परजायै जिग्र्त रायः सून्र्ता मघानि
English:- And may the Maruts, praised by all their titles, Heroes, enjoy the taste of our oblations.
Give us of Amṛta for the sake of offspring: awake the excellent fair stores of riches.

आ सतुतासो मरुतो विश्व ऊती अछा सूरीन सर्वताता जिगात |
ये नस्त्मना शतिनो वर्धयन्ति यूयं पात ...
English:- Hither, ye Maruts, praised, with all your succours, with all felicity come to our princes,
Who, of themselves, a hundredfold increase us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.