Book 7 >> HYMN 69 - Asvins

आ वां रथो रोदसी बद्बधानो हिरण्ययो वर्षभिर्यात्वश्वैः |
घर्तवर्तनिः पविभी रुचान इषां वोळ्हा नर्पतिर्वाजिनीवान
English:- . MAY your gold chariot, drawn by vigorous horses, come to us, blocking up the earth
and heaven,
Bright with its fellies while its way drops fatness, food-laden, rich in coursers, man's protector.

स पप्रथानो अभि पञ्च भूमा तरिवन्धुरो मनसा यातु युक्तः |
विशो येन गछथो देवयन्तीः कुत्रा चिद याममश्विना दधाना
English:- Let it approach, yoked by thewill, three-seated, extending far and wide o'er fivefold beings,
Whereon ye visit God-adoring races, bending your course whither ye will, O Aśvins.

सवश्वा यशसा यातमर्वाग दस्रा निधिं मधुमन्तं पिबाथः |
वि वां रथो वध्वा यादमानो.अन्तान दिवो बाधते वर्तनिभ्याम
English:- Renowned, with noble horses, come ye hither: drink, Wondrous Pair, the cup that holds sweet juices.
Your car whereon your Spouse is wont to travel marks with its track the farthest ends of heaven.

युवोः शरियं परि योषाव्र्णीत सूरो दुहिता परितक्म्यायाम |
यद देवयन्तमवथः शचीभिः परि घरंसमोमना वां वयो गात
English:- When night was turning to the grey of morning the Maiden, Sūrya's Daughter, chose your splendour.
When with your power and might ye aid the pious he comes through heat to life by your assistance.

यो ह सय वां रथिरा वस्त उस्रा रथो युजानः परियातिवर्तिः |
तेन नः शं योरुषसो वयुष्टौ नयश्विना वहतं यज्ञे अस्मिन
English:- O Chariot-borne, this car of yours invested with rays of light comes harnessed to our dwelling.
Herewith, O Aśvins, while the dawn is breaking, to this our sacrifice bring peace and blessing.

नरा गौरेव विद्युतं तर्षाणास्माकमद्य सवनोप यातम |
पुरुत्रा हि वां मतिभिर्हवन्ते मा वामन्ये नि यमन देवयन्तः
English:- Like the wild cattle thirsty for the lightning, Heroes, come nigh this day to our libations.
Men call on you with hymns in many places, but let not other worshippers detain you.

युवं भुज्युमवविद्धं समुद्र उदूहथुरर्णसो अस्रिधानैः |
पतत्रिभिरश्रमैरव्यथिभिर्दंसनाभिरश्विना पारयन्ता
English:- Bhujyu, abandoned in the midst of ocean, ye raised from out the water with your horses,
Uninjured, winged, flagging not, undaunted, with deeds of wonder saving him, O Aśvins.

नू मे हवमा शर्णुतं युवाना ...
English:- Now hear, O Youthful Twain, mine invocation: come, Aśvins, to the home where food aboundeth.
Vouchsafe us wealth, do honour to our nobles. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.