Book 7 >> HYMN 74 - Asvins

इमा उ वां दिविष्टय उस्रा हवन्ते अश्विना |
अयं वामह्वे.अवसे शचीवसू विशं-विशं हि गछथः
English:- . THESE morning sacrifices call you, Aśvins, at the break of day.
For help have I invoked you rich in power and might: for, house by house ye visit all.

युवं चित्रं ददथुर्भोजनं नरा चोदेथां सून्र्तावते |
अर्वाग रथं समनसा नि यछतं पिबतं सोम्यं मधु
English:- O Heroes, ye bestow wonderful nourishment. send it to him whose songs are sweet
Accordant, both of you, drive your car down to us, and drink the savoury Soma juice.

आ यातमुप भूषतं मध्वः पिबतमश्विना |
दुग्धं पयोव्र्षणा जेन्यावसू मा नो मर्धिष्टमा गतम
English:- Approach ye and be near to us. drink, O ye Aśvins, of the meath.
Draw forth the milk, ye Mighty, rich in genuine wealth: injure us not, and come to us.

अश्वासो ये वामुप दाशुषो गर्हं युवां दीयन्ति बिभ्रतः |
मक्षूयुभिर्नरा हयेभिरश्विना देवा यातमस्मयू
English:- The horses that convey you in their rapid flight down to the worshipper's abode,
With these your speedy coursers, Heroes, Aśvins, come, ye Gods, come well-inclined to us.

अधा ह यन्तो अश्विना पर्क्षः सचन्त सूरयः |
ता यंसतो मघवद्भ्यो धरुवं यशश्छर्दिरस्मभ्यं नासत्या
English:- Yea, verily, our princes seek the Aśvins in pursuit of food.
These shall give lasting glory to our liberal lords, and, both Nāsatyas, shelter us.

पर ये ययुरव्र्कासो रथा इव नर्पातारो जनानाम |
उत सवेन शवसा शूशुवुर्नर उत कषियन्ति सुक्षितिम
English:- Those who have led the way, like cars, offending none, those who are guardians of the men-
Also through their own might the heroes have grown strong, and dwell in safe and happy homes.