Book 7 >> HYMN 75 - Dawn

वयुषा आवो दिविजा रतेनाविष्क्र्ण्वाना महिमानमागात |
अप दरुहस्तम आवरजुष्टमङगिरस्तमा पथ्या अजीगः
English:- . BORN in the heavens the Dawn hath flushed, and showing her majesty is come as Law ordaineth.
She hath uncovered fiends and hateful darkness; best of Aṅgirases, hath waked the pathways.

महे नो अद्य सुविताय बोध्युषो महे सौभगाय पर यन्धि |
चित्रं रयिं यशसं धेह्यस्मे देवि मर्तेषु मानुषि शरवस्युम
English:- Rouse us this day to high and happy fortune: to great felicity, O Dawn, promote us.
Vouchsafe us manifold and splendid riches, famed among mortals, man-befriending Goddess!

एते तये भानवो दर्शतायाश्चित्रा उषसो अम्र्तास आगुः |
जनयन्तो दैव्यानि वरतान्याप्र्णन्तो अन्तरिक्षा वयस्थुः
English:- See, lovely Morning's everlasting splendours, bright with their varied colours, have approached us.
Filling the region of mid-air, producing the rites of holy worship, they have mounted.

एषा सया युजाना पराकात पञ्च कषितीः परि सद्यो जिगाति |
अभिपश्यन्ती वयुना जनानां दिवो दुहिता भुवनस्यपत्नी
English:- She yokes her chariot far away, and swiftly visits the lands where the Five Tribes are settled,
Looking upon the works and ways of mortals, Daughter of Heaven, the world's Imperial Lady.

वाजिनीवती सूर्यस्य योषा चित्रामघा राय ईशे वसूनाम |
रषिष्टुता जरयन्ती मघोन्युषा उछति वह्निभिर्ग्र्णाना
English:- She who is rich in spoil, the Spouse of Sūrya, wondrously opulent, rules all wealth and treasures.
Consumer of our youth, the seers extol her: lauded by priests rich Dawn shines out refulgent.

परति दयुतानामरुषासो अश्वाश्चित्रा अद्र्श्रन्नुषसं वहन्तः |
याति शुभ्रा विश्वपिशा रथेन दधाति रत्नंविधते जनाय
English:- Apparent are the steeds of varied colour, the red steeds carrying resplendent Morning.
On her all-lovely car she comes, the Fair One, and brings rich treasure for her faithful servant.

सत्या सत्येभिर्महती महद्भिर्देवी देवेभिर्यजता यजत्रैः |
रुजद दर्ळ्हानि दददुस्रियाणां परति गाव उषसं वावशन्त
English:- True with the True and Mighty with the Mighty, with Gods a Goddess, Holy with the Holy,
She brake strong fences down and gave the cattle: the kine were lowing as they greeted Morning.

नू नो गोमद वीरवद धेहि रत्नमुषो अश्वावद पुरुभोजो अस्मे |
मा नो बर्हिः पुरुषता निदे कर्यूयं पात ...
English:- O Dawn, now give us wealth in kine and heroes, and horses, fraught with manifold enjoyment.
Protect our sacred grass from man's reproaches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.