Book 7 >> HYMN 76 - Dawn

उदु जयोतिरम्र्तं विश्वजन्यं विश्वानरः सविता देवो अश्रेत |
करत्वा देवानामजनिष्ट चक्षुराविरकर्भुवनंविश्वमुषाः
English:- . SAVITAR God of all men hath sent upward his light, designed for all mankind, immortal.
Through the Gods' power that Eye was first created. Dawn hath made all the universe apparent.

पर मे पन्था देवयाना अद्र्श्रन्नमर्धन्तो वसुभिरिष्क्र्तासः |
अभूदु केतुरुषसः पुरस्तात परतीच्यागादधि हर्म्येभ्यः
English:- I see the paths which Gods are wont to travel, innocuous paths made ready by the Vasus.
Eastward the flag of Dawn hath been uplifted; she hath come hither o'er the tops of houses.

तानीदहानि बहुलान्यासन या पराचीनमुदिता सूर्यस्य |
यतः परि जार इवाचरन्त्युषो दद्र्क्षे न पुनर्यतीव
English:- Great is, in truth, the number of the Mornings which were aforetime at the Sun's uprising.
Since thou, O Dawn, hast been beheld repairing as to thy love, as one no more to leave him.

त इद देवानां सधमाद आसन्न्र्तावानः कवयः पूर्व्यासः |
गूळ्हं जयोतिः पितरो अन्वविन्दन सत्यमन्त्रा अजनयन्नुषासम
English:- They were the Gods' companions at the banquet, the ancient sages true to Law Eternal.
The Fathers found the light that lay in darkness, and with effectual words begat the Morning.

समान ऊर्वे अधि संगतासः सं जानते न यतन्ते मिथस्ते |
ते देवानां न मिनन्ति वरतान्यमर्धन्तो वसुभिर्यादमानाः
English:- Meeting together in the same enclosure, they strive not, ofone mind, one with another.
They never break the Gods' eternal statutes, and injure none, in rivalry with Vasus.

परति तवा सतोमैरीळते वसिष्ठा उषर्बुधः सुभगे तुष्टुवांसः |
गवां नेत्री वाजपत्नी न उछोषः सुजाते परथमा जरस्व
English:- Extolling thee, Blest Goddess, the Vasisthas, awake at early mom, with lauds implore thee.
Leader of kine and Queen of all that strengthens, shine, come as first to us, O high-born Morning.

एषा नेत्री राधसः सून्र्तानामुषा उछन्ती रिभ्यते वसिष्ठैः |
दीर्घश्रुतं रयिमस्मे दधाना यूयं पात . ..
English:- She bringeth bounty and sweet charm of voices. The flushing Dawn is sung by the Vasisthas,
Giving us riches famed to distant places. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.