Book 8 >> HYMN 30 - Visvedevas

नहि वो अस्त्यर्भको देवासो न कुमारकः |
विश्वे सतोमहान्त इत
English:- . NOT one of you, ye Gods, is small, none of you is a feeble child:
All of you, verily, are great.

इति सतुतासो असथा रिशादसो ये सथ तरयश्च तरिंशच्च |
मनोर्देवा यज्ञियासः
English:- Thus be ye lauded, ye destroyers of the foe, ye Three-and-Thirty Deities,
The Gods of man, the Holy Ones.

ते नस्त्राध्वं ते.अवत त उ नो अधि वोचत |
मा नः पथः पित्र्यान मानवादधि दूरं नैष्ट परावतः
English:- As such defend and succour us, with benedictions speak to us:
Lead us not from our fathers' and from Manu's path into the distance far away.

ये देवास इह सथन विश्वे वैश्वानरा उत |
अस्मभ्यं शर्म सप्रथो गवे.अश्वाय यछत
English:- Ye Deities who stay with us, and all ye Gods of all mankind,
Give us your wide protection, give shelter for cattle and for steed.