Book 8 >> HYMN 85 - Indra

आ मे हवं नासत्याश्विना गछतं युवम |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- . FOR him the Mornings made their courses longer, and Nights with pleasant voices spake to Indra.
For him the Floods stood still, the Seven Mothers, Streams easy for the heroes to pass over.

इमं मे सतोममश्विनेमं मे शर्णुतं हवम |
मध्वः सोमस्यपीतये
English:- The Darter penetrated, though in trouble, thrice-seven close-pressed ridges of the mountains.
Neither might God nor mortal man accomplish what the Strong Hero wrought in full-grown vigour.

अयं वां कर्ष्णो अश्विना हवते वाजिनीवसू |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- The mightiest force is Indra's bolt of iron when firmly grasped in both the arms of Indra.
His head and mouth have powers that pass all others, and all his people hasten near to listen.

शर्णुतं जरितुर्हवं कर्ष्णस्य सतुवतो नरा |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- 1 count thee as the Holiest of the Holy, the caster-down of what hath ne'er been shaken.
I count thee as the Banner of the heroes, I count thee as the Chief of all men living.

छर्दिर्यन्तमदाभ्यं विप्राय सतुवते नरा |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- What time, O Indra, in thine arms thou tookest thy wildly rushing bolt to Slay the Dragon,
The mountains roared, the cattle loudly bellowed, the Brahmans with their hymns drew nigh to Indra.

गछतं दाशुषो गर्हमित्था सतुवतो अश्विना |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- Let us praise him who made these worlds and creatures, all things that after him sprang into being.
May we win Mitra with our songs, and Indra, and. wait upon our Lord with adoration.

युञ्जाथां रासभं रथे वीड्वङगे वर्षण्वसू |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- Flying in terror from the snort of Vṛtra, all Deities who were thy friends forsook thee.
So, Indra, be thy friendship with the Maruts: in all these battles thou shalt be the victor.

तरिवन्धुरेण तरिव्र्ता रथेना यातमश्विना |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- Thrice-sixty Maruts, waxing strong, were with thee, like piles of beaming light, worthy of worship.
We come to thee: grant us a happy portion. Let us adore thy might with this oblation.

नू मे गिरो नासत्याश्विना परावतं युवम |
मध्वः सोमस्य पीतये
English:- A sharpened weapon is the host of Maruts. Who, Indra, dares withstand thy bolt of thunder?
Weaponless are the Asuras, the godless: scatter them with thy wheel, Impetuous Hero.