Book 9 >> HYMN 39 - Soma Pavamana

आशुरर्ष बर्हन्मते परि परियेण धाम्ना |
यत्र देवा इतिब्रवन
English:- . FLOW On, O thou of lofty thought, flow swift in thy beloved form,
Saying, I go where dwell the Gods.

परिष्क्र्ण्वन्ननिष्क्र्तं जनाय यातयन्निषः |
वर्ष्टिन्दिवः परि सरव
English:- Preparing what is unprepared, and bringing store of food to man,
Make thou the rain descend from heaven.

सुत एति पवित्र आ तविषिं दधान ओजसा |
विचक्षाणो विरोचयन
English:- With might, bestowing power, thejuice enters the purifying sieve,
Far-seeing, sending forth its light.

अयं स यो दिवस परि रघुयामा पवित्र आ |
सिन्धोरूर्मा वयक्षरत
English:- This is it which in rapid course hath with the river's wave flowed down
From heaven upon the straining cloth.

आविवासन परावतो अथो अर्वावतः सुतः |
इन्द्राय सिच्यतेमधु
English:- Inviting him frorh far away, and even from near at hand, the juice
For Indra is poured forth as meath.

समीचीना अनूषत हरिं हिन्वन्त्यद्रिभिः |
योनाव रतस्य सीदत
English:- In union they have sung the hymn: with stones they urge the Tawny One.
Sit in the place of sacrifice.